It Was A Happy Thanksgiving For Pups, Too!


It Was A Happy Thanksgiving For Pups, Too!


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I mashed the warm sweet potatoes, added real butter to mix both together.  I put a big mound in each of the two plates I was preparing with Thanksgiving foods.


I sliced turkey off the breast of the turkey I had baked to a golden brown color, placed slices on each of the two plates.  I now, had the plates ready to serve to …. two most special Pups, Kissy and Chadwick.


“Happy Thanksgiving, Kissy,” I said, as I placed his Thanksgiving dinner in front of him.  I walked over to put Chadwick’s plate in front of him.  “Happy Thanksgiving, Chadwick.”


I stood beside Skip watching them eat…  I felt so thankful to have them.  They mean everything to Skip and I.  They are all we have, Tommy is gone.


We don’t see his two children, we don’t hear anything from anyone to let us know how they are.  Nor, do we know where our grandson is at.  They’ve moved, never told us… we told his mother when we moved, our new address, phone number.   We cared.  Happy Thanksgiving, Taban and McKenzie.


Skip and I made plates for our friends, our neighbors… and guess what?  One of our friends had made plates for us, too!  Not only that… she made us a Hawaiian pie which was wonderful.  I wonder if I have the nerve to say what happened to that good pie?!!!  By the end of this story… we’ll see. :)))


Throughout the day Skip and I ate the different Thanksgiving foods I’d prepared, including the foods he came back with when taking our plates to our friends.


Later in the evening Skip said, “I couldn’t have had a better Thanksgiving”.  I felt happy inside… I wanted it to be so nice for him, the Pups.  He’s been through so much for the past months… no one would believe.  Also, he’s been deathly ill… I’m so thankful Skip is here… he almost wasn’t.


Hawaiian pie… what a wonderful pie!  It’s sort of like whipped cream… only the texture is different… has bits of pineapple, I think coconut in it.  I have to say that pie disappeared over a short time!  That was too good… Skip and I enjoyed it so much.  :)))  I’m glad it wasn’t a giant pie!


Our Pups enjoyed their foods all through the day.  It was a happy Thanksgiving for Pups, too!