My House Is In Order…

My House Is In Order…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I’ve taken care of everything needed to be done.  I can relax now, because my mind is clear.  It’s time….
I have finally reached a point once again… where I am excited to write on my books.  I have two books I’m presently working on….. ‘The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild’…. and ‘Camie’s Angel‘.  I am beginning a 3rd book to work on in the meantime… a children’s coloring book with my drawings.
Camie’s Angel is the book I want to finish, publish first.  It’s a true story about the little puppy I rescued.  A special friend in another country took interest in her, cared about her… began the account at Camie’s vet, with a large sum of money.  This special friend renamed her from Camo… to Camie.
I’m really ready to write!  I’m excited now!  Tomorrow, I will begin fresh… I have everything ready.  :)))
The Saga of Victoria Fairchild is the fiction story I’m writing.  Victoria Fairchild is my main character.  This is book two… book one was a 62 page introductory to Victoria Fairchild.  This is the scary book I could never find… I want this book to be ‘very scary’, tense.
At the moment… Victoria is in the power of the serial killer she hunted long, hard for.  How will she get away from him… does she want to get away from him… he’s very handsome, always wears expensive cologne; he speaks well, not only that… he’s very sophisticated.
He uses up homeless people… discards them like a rumpled up piece of newspaper.  Victoria got away from him once… but, will she get away this time?
Victoria has secret lives… she has a closet for each.  The second closet holds all her ‘homeless possessions’ to use when she goes to the homeless world.  Victoria loves homeless people, animals… woe be into the one who mistreats either… and let Victoria find it out.
Victoria believes in an eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth.  She believes if someone mistreats a helpless, weak person or animal… they should suffer the same fate.
She likes to help dish that medicine out with a soft smile, soft voice.  Victoria is a unique person, with talents unlike the average woman.  Just don’t let her get mad at you… you will … go to hell.  She gives you three chances… she’s very nice all the while.
My coloring book is something I, also, look forward to doing.  It will have my drawings in it… my ‘doodles’ that I think adults, as well as children will enjoy.  You can ‘see into’ my doodles… see what I’m thinking about.  :)))  My coloring book will be… different.
So, now… I will get a good night’s rest, be ready to begin on all tomorrow with excitement in my heart.  I can look around me, see all in place, clean, organized… that makes me happy.
There’s no way I could have enjoyed doing this until…  my house was in order.


This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Garden…

This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Bale Garden…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Something bad has happened in the homeless world… Victoria’s cousin Lind Lou has arrived, is staying for several weeks.  Victoria went for visit to homeless world… as soon as she steps through the door, she knows something… bad has happened.


She begins walking cautiously to the brick room (that used to be a brick enclosure for trash cans… Chip had it enclosed, made into a ‘safe’ room with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom for Stevie, Caroline).  Victoria never could talk them into leaving the homeless world, let her get them a home, take care of them.  She and Chip did the next best thing… made a safe room for them to live, to escape to… with just a press of a button.


Victoria saw droplets of dried blood on the cement as she walked to the door… she was afraid of what she would find when she pressed the secret button to open the door.  Her dear friends…. her stomach felt butterflies, she felt she couldn’t breathe… something bad has happened, something bad has happened….


‘No!’ her mind screamed.  As she nears the door… she sees Caroline’s cellphone broken into a thousand pieces… on the cement ground.  It was no longer a shiny purple color… dried, rusty-red coagulated blood held many pieces together……..


In her mind… she know something bad has happened to Caroline, and Stevie.  Why didn’t they call her!  Because… they are dead?  She looks down to Caroline’s cellphone… she wonders why Stevie didn’t call on his cellphone……………


The above is an update to book two I am writing about Victoria Fairchild… ‘The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild’… things are about to ‘go to hell’ … again.  Lind Lou is there… the serial murderer has struck close to Victoria… only one of them will walk out of the homeless world… alive.


Book two… is beginning to pop, crackle… the fires of Hell are always burning… Victoria Fairchild will meet up with more than her match… she will have to walk through Hell… to make it out alive… ‘if’ she makes it out at all.



My ‘Straw Bale Garden’ is beginning to take shape… this is day 3.  I’ve planted more seeds in containers I made from clear gallon jugs that held water.  I put holes in the sides, bottom of each… so, they can drain.  We have to buy water, and I hated to keep throwing the nice jugs away… they now, have a second life.


I planted corn (yes, corn!), and sweet basil, sunflowers, cosmos, and pumpkin, watermelon seeds.  I also, planted squash.  Remember… I am planting on a very small scale, so… I’m not doing a labor-intensive garden.  What I do is quite easy.


I will be taking photos all along so, you can see all I’ve done.  Today is ‘Day 3’… some of my friends, followers are going to plant a straw bale garden!  Maybe I’ll get to see photos of theirs.


This is the perfect garden for anyone who has serious health problems… Skip does any lifting, or moving I need done.  The heaviest thing I lift … are the seeds.  :)))


This is the update on both my book, and straw bale garden….



Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…

Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…


Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston… Book Two:

The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild… (being written at present….:)))

This is Victoria Fairchild… and her first cousin, Lind Lou Livingston… who has just come into the story.

Lind Lou is spicing things up… life is just about to get very exciting around Victoria’s house.

Victoria Fairchild… Victoria loves the homeless people, and animals. Woe be unto the one she sees/hears mistreating, abusing either. Victoria believes in an eye for an eye… a nose for a nose. Victoria will go as far as she needs to … to protect the innocent, the helpless… sometimes, she’ll go as far as…

Lind Lou Livingston… Lind Lou is a barber/beautician. She loves to cut hair… she loves the color ‘red’. Sometimes, Lind Lou ‘accidently’ cuts, nicks an ear, chin… Lind Lou never waste anything, not even the hair she cuts…

Lind Lou is also, an artist. She loves to paint the unusual, she uses the unusual to paint with. Her paintings look ‘alive’… sometimes, when looking at one of her paintings, one almost expects it to ‘cry out for help’.

undefinedWhen Victoria Fairchild, and her cousin… Lind Lou Livingston, walk into a room… all eyes are on them. Both are as beautiful as the other, they are as different as night and day. Both can … charm the birds out of a tree.

Lind Lou is ‘dark’… she loves to paint evil, loves to paint pain, suffering. The music she loves to hear while she paints… is live ‘music’, the cries of someone who is helpless in front of her… who ‘poses’ for her paintings. Lind Lou is ‘dark’ as the night she loves to be out in, dark as the shadows she stands in… watching, waiting…

Victoria Fairchild is as good as good can be. She doesn’t like to hurt anyone unless… she catches them abusing a helpless person, animal. Especially if the one she catches … is a woman. Victoria doesn’t like women, especially big, blonde-headed women. She was abused as a child by … women. No, a woman doesn’t want to meet up with… Victoria Fairchild, if they are abusing a child, person… animal.

Victoria Fairchild is as good as can be… when she’s good, she’s good. When Victoria Fairchild is bad… she’s very, very … bad.


I just wanted to share my drawings of Victoria Fairchild, and Lind Lou Livingston…. Book Two: THE SAGA OF VICTORIA FAIRCHILD.

Looks like things are getting ready to happen… :)))


UPDATE On Book Two: The Saga of Victoria Fairchild

Update on Book Two:  The Saga of Victoria Fairchild

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

‘Photo’ of Victoria Fairchild… by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… soon, there will be a ‘photo’ of Lind Lou Livingston, Victoria’s first cousin.

This a little update on ‘Book Two’ … The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild.

It seems Victoria’s first cousin, Lind Lou Livingston… has come into Victoria Fairchild’s life.

Now, Lind Lou is a character that shakes everything up… everywhere she goes.  Victoria doesn’t know everything about Lind Lou… only sometimes, when they were younger… Victoria knew ‘bad things happened’ when Lind Lou was around.

Lind Lou loves to paint, she is a wonderful artist.  Her pictures look ‘alive’…  Lind Lou uses lots of interesting things to paint with.  Her favorite color is … red.  She loves to use all shades of ‘red’.  Yes, Lind Lou’s pictures ‘almost move, speak to one’… almost as if to ‘cry out for help’.

Not only is Lind Lou an artist, she is a barber/beautician by trade.  She loves to ‘knick, cut’ by accident… someone’s ear, chin, neck. “Oh, I’m so sorry!”  Lind Lou will quickly say, while smiling her little evil grin… when she smiles, one needs to beware… but, how can they?  They ‘don’t know an evil grin from a … friendly, sweet grin’.

Nothing gets wasted when Lind Lou is around, not even the hair she cuts…

Lind Lou is tanned, beautiful, with her long black hair straight as a smooth ribbon.  She has brown eyes, and a smile that lights up the room she walks in … one senses something very mysterious about her… indeed it is.

Victoria is fair-skinned, beautiful, with her long, curly blonde hair. She is just as beautiful as her first cousin, Lind Lou.  One would remark when seeing them… ‘they are just as different as night and day, but… they are ‘tit for tat’ in their beauty.

If one had to choose which woman was most beautiful… they couldn’t.  When both walked into a room, the whole room is mesmerized by such ‘double beauty’.

They are first cousins, their mothers were sisters.  Their mothers had unusual talents… they inherited their talents, plus had more.

Victoria helps the homeless people she loves, she is protector of both people, animals.  Victoria will go to any length to protect, sometimes, as good as Victoria is … there are times Victoria has to be very… very bad.  She doesn’t choose to be… but, it happens.

Lind Lou, on the other hand, loves to see people suffer.  She loves to paint them ‘at their worst’, she loves the color ‘red’.  Lind Lou’s beauty hides the ‘real Lind Lou’.

She talks with a soft, beautiful, seductive voice … so easy to lure people in.  Think of a black widow spider… beautiful with a red spot, the black widow spider is as lethal, as it is beautiful.


Above is an ‘update’… filled with hints, clues of what’s happening in Victoria’s life.  It’s beginning to get …very interesting.  Victoria doesn’t know what to expect, in fact… she didn’t know she … had to expect anything!  She’s just glad to see her cousin, Lind Lou.

They haven’t seen each other for years, Victoria has surprises coming her way.  It’ll be interesting to see …

Follow my main character, Victoria Fairchild.  My published ‘Book One’ is a 62 page introductory to her.  Now, it’s time to … shake things up a bit.  If you thought Victoria’s life was interesting, mysterious…. ‘you aint seen nothing yet!’


My Book…

My Book…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee






I love this path… Victoria’s Path.  Only God knows where she is… do you have the nerve to walk up it?





For the past several days, I’ve been preoccupied with my book… WHEN SHE’S GOOD… SHE’S GOOD.


I’ve been doing things online for the first time, learning as I go… to publish my book.  Hopefully, if I did all ….. right… you’ll see it on in the next several days.  When I get the link, I will put it here for you all to see.


There will be a paperback version by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… and the Kindle digital version has my name as Gloria Faye Bates (I want to change that when I learn how to).


I will say this…. :))) I’ve always told you that I’m not perfect at all… so, if you see a mistake (I know of two that I can’t find!  The word ‘around’ that Ms Nancy found for me, and the word ‘enough’.


I am not going to stress out any more over them.  It’s time to go on… to begin Book Two, and try to be ‘more perfect’ this time.  :)))


Just know when you see it, read it… that ‘I know’ it isn’t perfect at all, no more than … I am perfect.  :)))  I won’t try to make you think I’m so wonderful, so great… or important.  I did try my best.


I’m happy that I’ve come this far… that means to me, that there is hope of getting a book published to ‘leave behind’ for my grandchildren to know their Pa Skip, and Granny Gee, one day.


I know I can do that now… only I hope by the time I decide to have my story told… I’ll have met a friend author, who will write it for me.  I would like my story told without all the emotion I would feel as I wrote it.  There are many layers of ‘me’…


I want Taban and McKenzie to know that I’ve never forgotten Tommy, their father, and when I ‘go’… the torch will be passed on to them.


They will be able to read, see, ‘know’ how much they were loved.  I’m sure they never hear our names.  They can have something to hold in their hands to ‘feel love’ from me, know I loved them always.


I don’t play the ‘blame game’… I don’t sit here, worrying about the ‘whys’ I don’t get to see them, know them.  I stopped that quite some time ago.  I don’t blame or hate the mothers… I know life has to go on… sometimes, there simply isn’t room enough to have a parent around from a former marriage.


  I’ll never forgot my son, Tommy.  Never.  He was a real person, just like you and I are.  If one of ‘us’ goes tomorrow…. the ones who really love you, me………. know we were very real to them.  They won’t forget us… on my part, there’s no one but, Skip, to remember ‘me’.


This evening I am very ‘headachy’ from all the reading I’ve done lately, all the things I tried to learn, to do right online to get my book into print.


I will have to say my favorite part was when the cover came together for me.  I can’t tell you how happy, excited that made me.  I love the ‘path’ that I call Victoria’s Path now… on the front cover.


Ms Nancy made it more exciting with her words about wondering if… Victoria was standing in wait somewhere in the trees.  I grinned when I  read her words.  Ms Nancy, Victoria is probably ‘there… somewhere!”  :)))


So, if you’ve sensed that I’ve been preoccupied these past several days, you sensed right.  Now.. you know ‘why’.  :)))


You are now looking at, seeing me… as I probably ‘ungracefully’ turn into a ‘butterfly’, ha!  I see me wobbling through the air now, trying to get my wings to fly… to fly smoothly into writing a second book about Victoria Fairchild.  This is what has had my attention lately… my book!  :)))


It’s Time To Meet Victoria… A Different Kind Of Beautiful, Young Woman

It’s Time To Meet Victoria… A Different Kind Of Beautiful, Young Woman

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

Writing, thinking in the night……… I want to write a story about a most unusual young woman.  A young woman who was beautiful… one you’d think would be surrounded in nothing but, the best in her life….

She did have the best… she could have had anything she wanted… she knew how to play the game… after all, she was taught by the best as a little girl…. she got to watch, learn.  Victoria didn’t want to be deceitful, ruthless in her desires to have the best.  She didn’t think it was right to ‘fool men’ into thinking she loved them to get their money, material things.

If Victoria had been ‘bad’….. Victoria would have had many material things.  Men made offers, gave gifts to her all through her life… most she’d refuse, most she would gently hand back saying ‘I really can’t take that from you’.  She just couldn’t …

She never took advantage of men…. it was too easy.  She didn’t think it was right…. though she learned how as a small girl.  Beautiful women could have anything they wanted…. men always told her they loved to walk into a room with her…. and watch people’s heads turn to watch her. They ‘tried to buy’ her… Victoria wasn’t ‘selling’……..

She was ‘beauty that one finds in ugly surroundings’… that when first seeing… a person stops in his tracks to stare… wonder ‘how this beautiful young woman come to be … here’?  A young woman whose heart and soul was… just as beautiful… no matter how bad, how ugly things were.  She was where beautiful women wouldn’t be… because she couldn’t take advantage of others… her heart wouldn’t let her.  She had a conscience.

That’s not to say that this young beautiful woman was ‘perfect’.  She was not… not at all.  In fact, if pushed….. she could hold her ground.  Also…. she rarely lost her temper… but, when she did…. people left her alone.  ‘Three’ was her magic number…. she always tried to let a person go as far as … three times… before losing her temper with them.  She always tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.

She usually won her battles in life… though what she went through to do so……………  She had ‘steel’ as some people would say…. though one ‘couldn’t see it’… who ever thinks a soft, feminine, beautiful young woman ‘could be so strong’?

Victoria was the exception…..  she could wear beautiful clothes with grace… she could take her high heels off in a minute, let her hair down just as fast… if she had to, wanted to.  Victoria loved to do things other women didn’t… she loved being in a man’s world.  She quickly put men in their place when trying to ‘cross the line’.  Just because she was beautiful… didn’t mean she was ‘easy’.

Read about Victoria, a beautiful young woman who ‘comes home to mama’… to her mother’s home.  She loved her mama dearly.  No matter what, Victoria loved her mama.  She was about to see ‘no matter what’……………………..

Read about everyday struggles in Victoria’s life as she tried to survive … she never used her beauty to survive.  Everyday was a struggle, though there were happy times, funny times…. devastating times……….

She loved coming to mama’s house, everything was always so immaculate, clean, sparkling.  Her mother had taught her how to clean house at an earlier age… Victoria always kept a beautiful house through the years.

She saw her parents, brother drive up.  Thank-God for them, she cried inside.  She was going home with them… now, everything was………… ‘going to be alright’.  Lacey, her little brother was looking at her through the car window with tears in his eyes… for her!  She felt such love in her heart for him… this little brother loved her with his heart… she loved him the same way.

Victoria was in a state of shock, her life completely changed.  She’d just weathered one of the worst storms in her life… she had made a choice that had put her in a bad light… she had no choice.  Sometimes life was like that… all she knew to do was to ‘go with the flow’…. like a river flowing freely… without a dam.

Mama, thank-God… you are here.  Mama, I needed you.  She saw their faces…. faces she knew and loved with her heart…. mama, daddy, Lacey… her next to youngest brother.  She wanted to see Wayne, her baby brother…. he was in school.

Victoria was again… on another path in her life, another journey.  Victoria’s life was unusual, different from anyone else’s.  From a tiny child…. her life was different.  As a child she learned how it felt to live in…. hell.  As an adult……………………

Now…. it’s time for Victoria’s story to unfold.  Again…. another unusual journey was beginning in Victoria’s life.

Mama’s Clean Sparkling House… Chapter 2

Mama’s Sparkling Clean House…     Chapter 2

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

She awoke to someone screaming, cussing early the next morning.  She was shaking inside, outside.  She laid there listening….. these were ‘those sounds she remembered as as little girl‘…that she used to wake up to.  She hadn’t heard them for many years.

Victoria felt afraid, nervous… she could hear her mother screaming at her little brother to … clean up the cat s___.  Her mother had close to thirty cats… they all had run of the house.  Victoria’s stomach was a nervous wreck, she felt nauseated.  She cared for her little brothers who had to clean up cat ____.

It seemed the cats were most important there.  Victoria didn’t care now, as she would have in the past.  Victoria was so thankful, grateful to have a… family… to come home to.  She was so thankful that she didn’t have to be alone, could be around someone that was … hers.  They weren’t perfect, neither was she.

She heard one of her brothers, Lacey, protesting.  “It’s just not fair, it’s just not fair for me to have to clean up the cat ___, mama”, he cried out.  “They are your damn cats”!

Mama screamed at him… “you clean that cat ___ up, anyway”!  Her mother was a beautiful woman, a good woman.  There were times though…. the woman she knew as her mama… seemed to be … another person.  What happened to you, mama?

Mama used to keep a ‘perfect’ house… immaculate.  She remembered how wonderful it used to be to ‘come home to mama’s’.  Her house would be sparkling clean, smell so good, all in place … so pretty.  That was when mama used to be happy.

Now… mama’s house was completely the opposite.  It had bad smells now, there were places on the floor that Victoria tried not to see…. cat feces.  Her eyes tried not to see the walls where the cats ‘sprayed’.  Cats were everywhere, on the countertops, on the dining table, ‘everywhere’.  Oh mama, what happened to you?

Victoria’s mind was reeling from the new things she was seeing, learning this time…. ‘coming home to mama’s’.  She was in shock, though not to hurt her parents, she pretended ‘not to see things’.  She couldn’t imagine her mama ever living like this.  What happened?

Victoria… would see things, when talking… she would pretend not to see, make herself look at her parents.  Her stomach felt so sick inside.  She thought she’d lived in hell as a little girl……

Victoria had learned through the years how to pretend ‘everything was alright’… when it wasn’t.  When she talked to her mama, her father… Victoria pretended she was in a beautiful place, all beautiful around them.

To a stranger’s eyes they would see a beautiful young woman who sat and talked with such respect to her parents.  They would see the love, caring in her eyes…. sometimes if they looked close enough… they would see the shock, the pain in them.  Victoria had just weathered one of the worst storms in her life… now… she was ‘safe’ at her mother’s home.

Victoria was thankful, grateful to be there.  She didn’t judge, she made her mind not think about the awful things she saw, smelled.  She loved her parents, her brothers…. to be here with them meant the world to her.  She felt protected.

The first night she spent there, she slept on a old twin mattress on the floor.  On the floor where the cats were at, where the cats ______.  Strangely enough… Victoria couldn’t see, nor smell… Victoria came home to her parents in a state of shock.  She couldn’t look back … she had to go forward.

All Victoria could think of was …’thank you, mama and daddy… thank you for saving me’.

Earlier in the day while standing outside in the beautiful sunshine, Victoria was in a deep shock.  Her parents had to drive two hours to get to her, she had to wait… wait to be where she felt safe, not so vulnerable to the world.

The world had treated her unkindly… she didn’t ask for that… yet, she didn’t fight what happened to her.  Victoria was going to get through this storm, just as she’d weathered the other storms… since she was a little girl.   What hurt her so much was that the decision she’d made today was one that put her in a bad light… when she didn’t deserve it.  To walk away… she had no choice.

Victoria stood in the sunshine, felt the wind blowing a strand of hair on her cheek…. she froze.  I feel the wind blowing my skin, blowing my hair… my skirt against my legs… she thought.  She put her hand softly up to her cheek to touch where the wind caressed her cheek.  It felt wet…..

Oh God… that feels beautiful.  Tears slid down her face as she cried silently.  She held herself straighter, took deep breaths.  Please hurry, please come on to get me, mama.  I need you so much.

The car drove up to the curb where Victoria was standing.  Through the shock she saw three faces …. three faces of caring that she was hurting, three faces who would protect her now.  It was mama, daddy, and Lacey… one of her little brothers.

They got out of the car and walked toward her, they hugged her.  She felt loved, safe now.  They led her to their car, helped her in.  Victoria was going home to mama’s, everything was going to be alright.

It had been years since Victoria had come to mama’s house, mama’s wonderful, sparkling clean house.

She Woke In The Night To A Sound… Chapter One

She Woke In The Night To A Sound…… Chapter One

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

She woke up to the nightlight burning in her room.  Her dog lay beside her sleeping.  Something woke her up, what?

She looked around her room.. all was neat, organized.  There was a gate on her doorway… to keep her dog inside the room.  She didn’t want him to run free, to get hit by a car.  He was so special to her.

She heard the sound again, looked to the source.  In the nightlight she saw something she’d never seen in her life.  On the bucket of water she kept for her dog… were three huge …. rats up on the edge… drinking the water.  Oh my God, she thought.

Her dog didn’t wake up, he’d become used to the huge rats that would come in the night to search for his food, drink his water.

Victoria laid there quietly, a sick sensation in her stomach.  She didn’t want to wake her dog, Garraway, up.  Nor did she want to wake up her parents, brothers.

She’d told her father about the rats that visited her room at nights…. he never did anything about it.  Her mother would become defensive when she mentioned the rats to her.

Victoria had come to live with her parents, they took her in when she had no place to go.  She was so grateful to them, she tried never to complain.  She learned to quit telling them the things she saw in the night.  Her dog, Garraway, seemed to resign himself, also.  They stayed quiet.

She shuddered as she closed her eyes… ‘please Lord, don’t let them touch me or Garraway’ .. she prayed.  She was so thankful to be here, rats and all.  She kept her eyes closed, her hand on her dog, petting him for comfort until her hand slowly lay still… Victoria had fallen asleep.

Victoria had no idea of the things she’d encountered on this new path life had put her on.