I Wished To Be Santa Claus… Make That Little Boy’s Wish Come True… Bullying


I Wished To Be Santa Claus… Make His Wish Come True (Little Twin Boy)… Bullying  by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


My attention was drawn to the tv screen. A photo of twins was being shown… the news was on. The twins were a boy and a girl. It seemed the
little boy had written a letter to Santa Claus. They were young… maybe 9-10 years old.

He didn’t ask for anything for himself. He asked for Santa Claus to help his sister… to stop the bullying of his sister. The photo showed the little
girl to be chubby; enough chubby to draw attention to her from other children. Enough so… that the bullies of the school could have a good time
making fun of her, pushing her around.

I can’t go any farther about her… I don’t know anymore than what was said above, and the last sentence I could imagine. I do know about being a
cute, little chubby girl. I don’t remember of course, how my mother let me be a little chubby girl… heck, I didn’t know I was! But… I do remember
being made fun of, when another child became angry at me.

The kids in my own ‘family’ devastated me when they would become mad at me, make fun of me. I look back at my photos as a child… I was pretty,
and a little chubby, not even grossly so. Amazing….

It hurt me deeply, even to the point of ‘wishing to die, and they’ll be sorry they hurt me like that’. It’s just a wonder with all I had to live with ‘at home‘,
and all that occurred at school… that I didn’t succeed in committing suicide. It did come to that point… I didn’t succeed, and that’s another story. But…
it happened.

A child is very sensitive… and people don’t realize how close they push a child … ‘out of this world’. I watch on the news… often, you will see a young
child that… succeeded… in doing what ‘I almost did’. Bullying… made fun of… made to feel less than… made to feel worthless… and when it comes from
not only from their classmates, and peers…. combined with an awful ‘home’ life… it’s scary.

I know… I was ‘that child’… I know how a little abused, bullied child is made to feel… how when all the other kids, plus… your family makes your world
‘the end’. I remember as a little girl when my whole world ‘went to hell’ because of things I didn’t understand…. divorce, me being thrown into ‘hell’ where
the whole world was dirty, scary… rats, roaches … things I’d never known about, even seen.

I remember going to school after surviving hell each day at ‘home’…. I’d ‘survive hell’ in school… only to come ‘home to hell’ each evening. Never any peace… always afraid, nervous, trembling. I was learning to fight to survive… I made it until I was thirteen… and I ‘broke’. But, the good thing is… I survived that, too,
to only go to another ‘hell’… to my father’s home. A beautiful ‘hell’, everything clean, wonderful, nice…. but, I was the only one there… who wasn’t wanted. I
learned I was just a ‘step-daughter’… I was treated just that way. I could go on and on… but, that’s for more stories… later.

Back to the twins… the little boy cared so much about his sister being hurt. That means his precious, little heart hurt each day to see the ‘hell’ being pushed
on the closest person to him… his twin. How sad is that? How beautifully sad… is that? It touched my very heart… I wished to make all the bullying go away
for that child…. that precious, little girl. I wished to be ‘Santa Claus’ and make that little boy’s wish come true.


I Don’t Like You… I Won’t Ever Like You, No Matter What

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

3 years old… Visiting Grandma Alma’s at this time… before ‘Hell‘…


I Don’t Like You… I Won’t Ever Like You, No Matter What

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I don’t like you… the feeling is mutual… I know you don’t like me.  That’s okay… we can play the game of life, games… we as people, play… we pretend to like each other… when we meet in public, thank-God when we get gone from each other… I could barely stand to be around … you.


Isn’t it such a relief to ‘get past’ someone you meet out in public… someone that you can’t like no matter what?  Someone, that if given the choice, you’d rather be hit with a broomstick… than to speak to, to look at… much less to hear that voice you ‘so hate’….


‘Just beat me with that broom’… I don’t want to be around you.  You have made my life ‘Hell’ at one time or other… I didn’t deserve it.  You mistreated me because you hated others in my… family.  Shame on you… you never gave me a chance.  I learned anyway… the hard way… you ‘didn’t keep me down’…..


I told you I’m not perfect… I don’t like a lot of people… and the feeling is mutual, I’m sure.  I have a lot of feelings built up inside me… from living in a small town as a child, where the people treated me unkindly… they ‘didn’t see me’… they just ‘knew where I came from’… from ‘those people who raised Hell all the time’…


I never forgot it… I never will forget it… and when I look into those hateful faces… I remember.  I don’t like you, I never will, and… you can’t make me… no matter what.  You hurt a little innocent girl… who wanted to be loved.  Now…


As a little girl, you should have shown me kindness… I couldn’t help ‘where I came from, who my family was, how little they had’.  You helped to contribute to some of the paths I got on as a young person… thankfully, I got my ‘ass’ off them when I learned that I’m not a bad person.


I always had to learn the hard way… why… you could have made it easier for a small girl… but, no… you made life harder for me with your hateful faces, your harsh voices, your mean ways… you froze me out with your terrible selves.


Not only that, you put your little children up to torment me, make my young life harder… almost to the point of suicide.  Bullying… I know what bullying is… I see a guy now…who bullied me as a little child every day of my life that I lived at my Grandma Alma’s.  Do you know… he’ll see me… he can’t look me in the face.  I still feel anger, hatred toward him… I would love for him to ‘bully me now’… he ‘knows, remembers’ what he did.


I hope you got your medicine back… only just enough to learn your lesson, see how it felt… I don’t wish bad on you… only ‘what you deserve’… no more, no less.


Actually, I’m a very forgiving person… for years I was friends with a woman who looked down on me with her hateful, mean face when I was a little girl.  She hated my mother, and her sisters… her husband liked… all of them.  She took it out on me….


Do you know… we ended up living beside each other… I grew to love that woman dearly… I forgave her.  She learned that I wasn’t ‘what she thought I ‘would be’… the sad thing is, that when I thought of her ‘back then’…. I always saw her eyes staring at me, hating me because I was my mother’s child.


When I lived beside her… she grew to love me, care about me.  I’m sure with my mother’s beauty… her sisters’ beauty… a lot of young women hated them with a passion… they knew they were pretty, and they were young, full of life… and they were… wild.


I remember when I was fourteen, a girl my age called me a … whore.  I didn’t know what that meant… she said it with such anger, her eyes blazing fire at me.  She said her mother said I was a ‘whore … like my mama’… the hatred I felt from her…


I cried, I have always remembered the pain I felt… especially when I found out what that word ‘whore’ meant.  I’ll never forget standing there, stunned at ‘why did they call me such a name’?  I felt so embarrassed, ashamed for something I just didn’t understand… but, I ‘knew’ was ‘bad’…


I would like to say I’ve never been a ‘whore’, of course, I’ll never be one.  I would like to say that when some people are ‘pretty, attractive’… sometimes, people who are jealous will say mean things to hurt them… to make them look bad.


It’s sad when a little child is affected by it all… and life is already hard for them.  In my case… I had so many things to ‘fight, survive’… but, I did it.  It’s okay now… over time with all that’s happened in my life… I needed to be so ‘extra-strong’… to come through it all.  Thank-you, you mean people…


I still see faces from the past… there are still ‘older people living’ who were mean to me… there are some of their children who live now, are my age… who were cruel to me.


I see your hateful faces now… I should hate you, but… I don’t.  Guess what?  I don’t like you… I won’t ever like you… nothing you can do will make me like you.


Sometimes, I do like you… then, you turn me against you once again with your hateful face the next time I see you.  When the next time comes… I don’t have time for you.  Go your way, I’ll go mine… I don’t have to play games with you… at all… too many real things in life more important.


I don’t hate you… and truthfully, I still talk to people who were mean to me as a little girl.  I ‘try to like them’… I just don’t, though.  I try hard, though… it’s like trying to like someone who has thrown their dirty bath water on you… you don’t forget the… smell.  You can’t go but, so close to them.  You don’t mean to be that way… but, life is like this sometimes… it’s real.


I was thinking about this tonight… as I thought about a woman I met up with recently.  I used to work with her… we all had to do her work in the office… she’d get flustered, couldn’t handle all that went on.


We would do her work, our work… it wasn’t pleasant to come to work, and have to begin catching up her work she didn’t complete before leaving.  She made all so much harder, but… we did it.  I made her not like me because I would gently try to get her do her own work.  It didn’t help at all…


So, one thought led to another… into the past to when I was a little girl.  I recognized her expression when I saw her… I smiled brightly at her… I ‘played the game’… talked to her… all the time thinking …. “I don’t like you, I like you, I don’t like you… I wanted to like you so much, but… no, there’s no way!”


I just wanted away from her… and I got away as soon as I could.  I’m sure she didn’t want to be reminded of me… either.  No… I don’t like you, I’ll never like you… nothing ‘you’ can do will make me ever like you.  Life really is like this sometimes… sad, but… true.  I know you know what I mean… :)))

Soul Mates… Beauty Fades Just As A Rose

1983 Photo of Skip and I, Pups and Skip, Our Little xmas Tree 060

Skip and Gloria … SoulMates… 1983… Taken in St. Augustine, Florida


Soul Mates… Beauty Fades Just As A Rose

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I search in the mirror for myself

Only to see now… an older person

I have grieved for the person I used to be

For my youth that is forever gone

One might say that once I was vain

I guess one might be right in a sense

Because no one else did, I began to love myself

As I did, I became beautiful, special

When I did that, Skip came along

He was handsome, we complimented each other

We were tit for tat

Soul mates, lovers, best friends… forever

Skip and Gloria… always

We grow old together to the end of time

Hand in hand, hearts beat as one

Our youth, beauty fades just as a rose

Until one day, we are old

I still hope someone will see a glimpse of us

‘back in the day’ beneath the surface

Know that ‘we used to be pretty’, too

It’s your turn now, to shine with your youth

Enjoy it for all it’s worth

Because one day you’ll be searching in the mirror

As I do… trying to find a glimpse of the real ‘you’, too!