All She Needed Was A Little Place To Put Herself…

All She Needed Was A Little Place To Put Herself…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee…. at age 3


Skin burning on her little arms, legs

She looks down to see blood smeared everywhere

The bones in her little body felt almost… broken


Pain made her moan as she lifted herself off the floor

Mama!  Mama!  Mama, please help me, she cried out

Her mama wasn’t coming… no, not any time soon


Especially this very moment when someone abused her child

The little girl cried silently… she didn’t scream, cry aloud

She left the room, curses followed her out the door


She opened the front door, stepped outside

The sunshine blinded her… she closed her eyes

Her face stung from her own salty tears


The cement porch felt cool to her skin

As she sat down on it, her feet hanging off onto the step

She hung her head… nobody loves me, she thought


No matter where she went in this world of hers

She seemed to be in someone’s way

Where was her place… her place she could be at peace?


She knew where it was… no one ever noticed her there

Back into the house she went… she walked to the couch

The old, red vinyl couch that had a small space at the end


A small space in between it, and the old bookcase sitting there

The little girl slipped into it, sat on the floor

This was the only place she could sit, no one yell at her


This was the place she was safest at in her world

She reached for a book off the shelf, picked up her pencil

Sat there for the next hour, drawing on the white pages


The white pages at the front, back of the book

She dreamed of being a fashion designer

Just a child with big ideas… no one cared


This was her favorite spot at her Grandma Alma’s

Where no one bothered her… where she wasn’t in the way

All she needed was a little place to put herself


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