Time To Go Home …

Time To Go Home …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter




(I don’t know ‘why’ I wrote this poem … I was listening to Honky Tonk music … it just came to me :) Oh, I don’t drink, nor ‘is my lover with another :)



A younger Granny Gee … photo is of me … owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates





A bottle of beer, country music

I have only time … and more time

I may get drunk tonight

My lover is with another

I’m all alone in this honky tonk bar

I’m surrounded by wanna-bes

Wanna take me home … play with me

How do they know

I’m all alone … feeling sad tonight

Just leave me alone

Let me drink this honky tonk beer

I wanna get drunk tonight

You know … do the whole tear in the beer thing

Honky tonk music on the jukebox

I gotta move, gotta dance

Hair swaying, hips playing

To the tune of honky tonk music

My body comes alive

He comes up swaying his hips

Wants to dance with me

I turn my back and let go

It’s my world I’m in

Leave me alone, I just wanna dance

Dance my sorrows away

Eyes closed, body moving to the beat

The world forgotten

I become the music I dance to

Honky tonk music, no more tears in my beer

I’m happy … I am music

I’m in another world

Music stops … I become aware

I’m just a mere person

Who is sad … trying to get drunk

Dance my woes away

A man here … a man there

Trying to pick me up

I’m not here to be picked up

They keep getting in my way

Seeing me as … easy prey

They don’t know I am

The strongest woman they’ve ever met

They won’t ever know … they’ll never have the chance

Get outta my way, I’m going home

I don’t want to get drunk, just wanted to dance

Now … I’m ready to get outta of here

Don’t you follow me

I’m not here for a man

I just wanted to have a love affair

Love affair with the music I love

Now, I’m satisfied

It’s time to go home

Easier Said … Than Done

Easier Said … Than Done

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter




Yesterday, I wanted to get out of the house.  I rode with Skip to Walmart to pick up a few things.  It was easier said than done.


Normally, I would just go get into the pickup, Expedition … and I’d be ready to go.  Not so easy … ‘now’.


‘Now’ … I have to think things out ahead of time.  I am on crutches … and like when it’s raining I need to think before I take a step.


If one isn’t careful … a crutch can cause one to slip, fall … that would be a bad thing.  I found that out at Walmart.  They don’t have rugs on the floor when you enter … my crutch slipped.  Thankfully, I was being careful.  I can’t stand anymore pain!


I made it to the electric shopping cart.  Did I say how grateful I am that such things exist?  I am!  It made keeping up with Skip good.  I was afraid I would be embarrassed to ride one of the carts … I found that I’m not at all.


I can say the only thing I wish for is a place to keep one’s leg straight … I did ride in a lot of pain.  But … at the same time I felt so happy to be out of the house, doing something I love to do.  So, I’m not complaining at all.


I notice most people go out of their way to be nice, helpful.  I’m so glad because I know there are many people who are permanently disabled who have to use the electric shopping carts, crutches, and wheelchairs and all sorts of things.  I’m glad to know … most people will treat them good.


I will say that in this new journey of mine … I’ve seen two rude women who stepped in line in front of me … just like I wasn’t there.  I wonder how many people do that to people who are disabled?  Act like they aren’t there?


Well, the first time it happened, I did speak softly and tell the woman that I thought the line began behind me.  It completely pissed the woman off.  I really wished I hadn’t said anything.  So, the second time it happened … I didn’t say anything.  Shame on the women … I’m going to get better … but, what about the people who won’t get better?


I have to cancel the appointment with the orthopedic doctor tomorrow.  That’s because no one has been forthcoming with the insurance information … a doctor won’t touch me unless I have that information … or hundreds of dollars to pay up front.


I made the appointment thinking by that time tomorrow … the restaurant would come up with the info I need.  In the future … I will remember the extra pain I’ve been in since October 3rd.  No one has had any mercy on me … I have suffered.


I find it difficult to come out of the house to the porch.  There’s a step just outside the door.  I have a time going down it … onto the porch.  Then, there are 3 steps to get down from the porch … I have another time going down them.


My whole life is affected by this accident … going to bed is difficult for the pain.  Just to get up into bed can make me begin crying.  I don’t do it out loud … if Skip is home, he becomes upset seeing me suffer.  I want him to know everything will be alright.  I’m like that about him.  It’s because we are so close … we feel each other’s pain.  We speak each other’s thoughts.


Getting out of bed … same thing.  It’s very hard to move a leg with a broken knee cap, gracious.  Sometimes, I can’t help but, to cry out … I try not to.  Did I say some things are easier said … than done?




Note by this Author:



My whole life has been affected by my accident on October 03, 2015.  I still need medical attention … hopefully this week I will find out what I need to begin getting it.  Today is October 11th.


When I share my new journey with you … know that I don’t complain at all.  I tell you how it feels …  I can’t complain.  Why can’t I complain?  Because I’m a 16 year cancer survivor … and I’ve faced death since … I’m so thankful to be here!


I’m so grateful to be alive … I really try to make the best of what Life puts before me.  I try to learn from every experience … when I walk in others’ shoes I know what they go through … when they become my shoes.  This way I know first-hand what they go through.  When I am well … I will be one of the first people to help someone when I’m out and about.  I will know what to look for.  I am still learning.


It’s easier to say something now … than to do it.  If I want a drink of water … I go through a lot to get it.  I don’t just get up, go get it like I did, before.  To go to the bathroom, take a bath … neither is easy to do ‘now’.  I’m grateful that in the long run … I manage to get it all done … no matter how painful.


Do I feel sorry for myself?  Oh no, I never do that no matter what!  I try to recover from the shock of something happening and deal/cope with what’s in front of me.  This is no different.  I’m going to come out on top of it all.


Photo/true story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Just Another Color in my Life … One That I’ll Make a Happy Color in Time

Just Another Color in my Life … One That I’ll Make a Happy Color in Time

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny at Twitter



Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee  … Some of my … happy colors.




I am learning how it feels to not get around very well.  I’m not complaining … but, I am paying close attention.  Why?  Because ‘now’ I am seeing how people who are permanently unable to walk … feel.



I slipped, fell on October 3rd … my kneecap is broken.  I feel I am injured in other places where new pain keeps coming.



I’ve fought harder battles … so, I can’t complain.  I am lucky to be here, today.  I’ve gotten up from worse … cancer … congestive heart failure … etc.  See what I mean?  I know that in time … somehow all will be alright again.  For ‘now’ … I have to cope with not walking, getting around very well.  I have to cope with so much … extra pain.



I will say it almost broke me … all the extra pain, losing my freedom to move about when I need to walk somewhere, go to the bathroom, walk outside to get inside the vehicle.



I can’t just get up … and walk anywhere easily.  I have cried a lot of tears once again because no matter how strong one is … pain can bring you down.  Pain can bring down the strongest person, animal.



There’s only me when Skip’s gone … to go get what I need in town … it will be very hard to get my leg inside the vehicle.  Excruciating pain.  I will have to walk on crutches to get to the store … like at Walmart. Then … do something I never thought I would have to do … ride the electric shopping scooter in order to go about the store.  They aren’t made to put your leg straight out … more excruciating pain.  Thankfully though … they have the scooters.



I find myself thinking of how so many people suffer in this world.  I know mine is only a fraction of what they suffer.  The thing is … it takes ‘walking in someone’s shoes‘ … to really know.  For now … I’m doing just that … I have walked in many, many shoes on in my life.



I am ‘down’ for a while … you can be sure I’ll keep people who are in all kinds of shapes … in mind. Not only that … I am remembering my Grandma Alma, and the Hell she suffered for over 20 years of being paralyzed before she died.  How can I complain when so many people go through worse than I?




‘Now’ … I am feeling how grateful I am for the electric shopping scooters … thankful to have crutches to aid me in walking.  I am glad to know they will be there when I need them.  I have a feeling I will learn to be grateful for many things I’ll encounter on this new journey in my life.



This is all new to me … I am fortunate I will be able to walk better one day.  I have walked in many ‘somebody’s shoes’ … in my life.  For now … I am walking in new shoes.




Note by this Author:


My Heart goes out to everyone who can’t walk … I am only ‘touching the tip of the iceberg’ in … knowing how it feels.  I am learning from this experience … how it feels to have the ability to walk taken away.


I’m grateful that I can slowly move about … I’m grateful for the extra pain … it means I’m still here … I’m still living. I don’t feel sorry for myself not one bit.  When I write about this … it’s to share this new experience in my life.  It’s ‘just another color in my life’ … one that I’ll make a happy color in time.


Photo/true story owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I Never Saw it Coming … I’m on a New Journey in Life

I Never Saw it Coming … I’m on a New Journey in Life

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter




Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee




I’ve been missing in action for a short time.  I’ll tell you why … it seems I’m on an unexpected journey … another twist in my life … I never saw it coming.  Not only that … I can’t believe it happened.



What can I do about it?  Is there anything to learn from it all?  Will I just lay down … whine, cry ‘woe is me’?  Won’t you feel sorry for me?



Do redwood trees bow to the ground when a storm whips through?



Hell no … they hold their ground … their mighty strength holds their trunks up … they weather the storm no matter how rough it is.  When you think of … Gloria/Granny Gee … think of redwood tree.



Don’t ever feel sorry for me.  I never feel sorry for me.  When life throws these twists/turns in my life … after the initial shock … like someone who has been thrown hard to the ground from a horse … as soon as I can get my breath … my ass comes up off that ground (never mind I’m crawling, grasping at something to hold on to) … I am coming back up!  I mean it … I am ready to fight my ass off to be alright again.



How many battles have I fought in my life?  Many, many battles of all kinds.  This isn’t my first one … but, I smile here … I always hope its my last battle to fight.



I would like to sail through the rest of my life without any battles, sickness … see how it feels to just live a normal life like a lot of people do.  If I can’t … so be it … you are going to see me fight like a warrior to live.  All Hell’s going to break out … until I win … until I’m the champion.  I’m going to win!



The storm might take branches off here, there … scarring the redwood tree’s body.  It’s still going to stand strong, mighty … and as the sun dries the raindrops off its limbs … you will see the strength in its form … you might even see a smile reflecting in the raindrops as they dry away.  Think of me … life has made me this way.



I may be very strong … don’t be surprised if you see a few tears flow down my face.  Just because someone is strong doesn’t mean … it hurts less.  Sometimes … that extra pain life throws at me … hurts … really hurts.  Yes, like you … I cry my share of tears.  Does it mean I’m weak?



Oh, Hell no!  I might be weak for a short time until that second breath comes in … then, you will see me go into action.  I’m going to get to a point I can deal/cope with what’s ahead of me.



Now … why have I been ‘missing in action’?  On October 3rd, 2015 … Skip and I decided to have Chinese food at a favorite restaurant.  It’s a buffet-type restaurant … the people are so friendly.  It is a place we always loved to go to.



The manager was showing us to the table … when all of a sudden … my feet went out from under me … I vaguely remember coming down on my left knee … oh my God!  the excruciating pain!  I heard my bone break … so did Skip, and the manager.



The next thing I know I was sitting flat on the floor in pure agony, shock.  The pain!  It’s the first time I never saw a fall coming so, I could try to prevent it.  It’s the first time in my life … I never even thought to jump up, look around to see who was looking.



I sat there, stunned.  I could hear the concern from both Skip, and the manager.  I began crying … I began crying in front of people … I began crying in … public.  Oh my!  This is something I never do … I didn’t even feel embarrassed … I just … cried.



The manager took me in his vehicle to the hospital Emergency Room.  Skip followed.  Our pickup truck was too high to get in … the pain in my left leg, knee was too great … I couldn’t bend it to get in.  When I finally got in … I was to the point of … screaming out in pain.  Somehow, I managed not to … I sat there … and cried silently.



My left knee was x-rayed … the knee cap was broken.   They put a stabilizer on it … and gave me crutches, a prescription for pain medicine.  This is where it stands.



The manager kept saying he’d told the owner to fix the floors before someone fell … he called the manager while I was sitting in the chair they helped me in.  The manager came quickly … he had rolls of carpet in his arms ( I remember seeing that through my pain) … he began putting them down quickly.



The manager also, said they had good insurance … not to worry … everything would be alright.  Well … it isn’t alright.



As it stands … I need medical attention … and no orthopedic doctor will touch me unless I have hundreds of dollars to pay up front … they have to consider it ‘self-pay’ … they have no one to bill the medical treatment to.



Like many people … I don’t have that kind of extra money.  I have been turned down quite a few times now, I have called a list of doctors … each one says the same thing.  No one will see me. I have worked in the business office at a hospital … things have changed a lot ‘now’.



Am I upset?  Well, I know I haven’t had medical attention for something serious since the accident on October 3rd … today is October 7th.  I am afraid it could affect my walking ability later … I can feel the toll it’s taking on my body.  Not only that … I know I’m hurt in other places … but, until I have more x-rays I can’t say just yet.



I have been afraid … I won’t lie.  This is real life … life we all live if we aren’t wealthy.  This is what people like me have to go through … the embarrassment on top of being turned down … doctor after doctor if you don’t have hundreds of dollars in cash to pay as soon as you walk in the door.  They want it before someone is treated to make sure they get it.  So, for now … I wait.



I know, I know … get someone to get the insurance information, policy number.  All I will say is … it is in the process.  I pray there really is insurance to help me, and the manager told us the truth.



Sometimes, unfortunately … when people aren’t from this country … they can go back where they come from … I pray they are like me, they will do what’s right.  I really liked all of them … yes, I know … it has nothing to do with liking people ‘now’ … I need medical attention.



So … this is where I ‘stand’ … at this very moment … in the process of praying for the insurance information so, I can get medical attention for my broken knee cap.



The strange thing is … you know how I’ve written about my Grandma Alma many times through the past years … I am thinking of her as I’m experiencing this.  She was paralyzed for over 20 years … I remember seeing her do her best to walk … as a little girl I would be very sad for her.  I didn’t understand … but, did understand enough to see tears in her eyes and know somehow, she was in pain.  I knew I didn’t want her to fall … I would stay close by.



‘Now’ … I think of my Grandma Alma as I try to walk … and I’m injured … not paralyzed.  I will get better … but, my Heart cries for her each step I take.  My poor, precious Grandma Alma.



Well, this certainly is how things happen out of the blue … this is how life can take a twist/turn unexpectedly.  This is how one can be thrown on another road in life … and never see it coming.



All that is left to do now … is to do the very best I can.  I was on one road in life … losing weight, self-improvement … now, my road has become entwined with another road … of seeing how it feels ‘not to walk very well’ … until my knee cap can heal, get medical attention for it.



Can I walk both roads at the same time?  I’m going to … I’m not giving up on what I made my mind up to do … I will lose this weight, and I will recover from the knee injury.



Like Rhonda Rousey … I’m going into the ring … and kick some ass!  I want to be alright once again. Oh by the way … I love Rhonda Rousey, and admire her.  She came a long ways in her life.  I don’t fight physically like she does … but, mentally and emotionally … I’m one Hell of a fighter … just like her.



I was thinking to tell you all … just be careful where you step.  You never know what will slip you up in life, derail you from the road you are traveling on …. put you on another road to go down.  I never even saw this coming.




Note by this Author:


I’m not feeling self-pity … all I’ve written is true.  I have shared this experience … and I know there must be other people who have, or are experiencing such as I am.  I have heard of being turned down by doctors …


As of today … I have been turned down in this one year by doctors because of money I didn’t have … so, ‘now’ … I know it is true.  It’s sad.


I’m going to be alright … one way or other.  I will be glad when the day comes … I can look back on this.  I will be glad when everything is okay once again.


Photo/true story owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/ #@GeeGranny


Dancing To The Tune of Life … On One Leg

Dancing To The Tune of Life … On One Leg

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I wrote a happy poem about dancing to the tune of life.  Well, it’s still a happy poem … there’s a catch now.  I’m going to have to do it on one leg for some time!

Today … Skip and I went to a restaurant … the manager (our friend) was walking us to the 

table.  The next thing I knew … I had taken a bad fall, my left knee hitting the tile floor.  The pain was excruciating.  The floor was very slippery, we didn’t know it.

I was taken to the hospital, x-rayed … told I had a broken knee cap.  I was sent home on crutches, a stabilizer/immobilizer on my leg.  Do not bend it for 6-8 weeks … and see your orthopaedic soon as possible.

So, I’m now ‘dancing to the tune of  life on one leg’!



Author’s Note:  

I couldn’t believe the fall I took today … it was one fall I never saw coming.  This was one fall where the pain was so great … I couldn’t jump up quickly from, look around to see if someone saw me.  I can’t believe I cried in public in front of people.  

Photo/true story owned/written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Dancing to the beat of Life!

Dancing to the beat of Life!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




I lost my way when I stopped listening to the music

Of my soul … I began to grow sickly, weak … tired

To the point of almost dying

Over the years I let go … let go of me

I gave up on me … lost me to darkness

Today … I’m back … and the music is playing

Playing once again … the music of my soul

Music of life … I’m taking baby steps

I’m going to dance the rest of my life

Dance to the tune of my soul

Until the last breath I breathe

I have found me again … my feet are moving!

Dancing to the beat of Life!




Note by this Author:

Photo/poem written, owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  This just came to me as I felt happiness in my soul.  I see a vision of me smiling, dancing through life in happiness … when before I could only see darkness!

Remember Me For The Person I Was Today … Not Yesterday

Remember Me For The Person I Was Today … Not Yesterday

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter




Artwork of Ocean is done by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates




Soft sand under my feet, warm … damp

I walk, sway … dance to the music of the waves

Twirling around, wind billowing my long skirt

My hair flowing in the ocean‘s breeze

Moonlight kisses my skin … I raise my face

Open my eyes to the beauty that hugs me

In its splendor … I open my arms to embrace it

I twirl in the wind in pure bliss

Waves washing to the shore race softly toward me

I run to meet them like a long lost friend

Water kisses my toes as I wiggle them in joy

I close my eyes, raise my face to the moon

Happiness courses through my body as I stand there

I listen to the sounds of the ocean

At peace with the world I let it fill my soul

My body begins to dance to the music of the sea

I hear a song no one else hears

Music only heard by someone who can take time

To be still long enough to hear

Only special people can hear this song

Hear this song that makes your soul soar in happiness

Music of the sea that fills your soul like an empty glass

No longer an empty vessel I dance through the night

Until my body is exhausted … I want to sleep

I ran to a mound of soft sand, fell down

Lay my head upon the sand pillow I formed

Listened to music of life … waves, wind

Let the moonlight shine over me, I fall sleep

I became the ocean, wind and waves

No longer aware I was the person asleep on the sand

No worries, thoughts to make me sad

I wasn’t aware of them anymore

My soul was soaring on the breeze

In pure joy … nothing holding me back

I hugged the wind with my soul

Looked up, soared to the moon!

I went toward the light

Drawn toward it like a moth

Silvery moonlight wrapped around me

Pulling me in like a mother does a child

I became the moon … my light shining bright

Shining down on the world … we were many

Many souls casting light for our loved ones

To find their way in this cold, dark world

I became the wind, ocean, waves

My soul soared to the moon in pure happiness

To shine down on another soul as the moon did me

Bring peace, happiness until they found the way

I saw my body on the sand … I flowed back to it!

I woke up with a smile … I was a person again!

I jumped up, ran to the sea

Let the waves kiss my toes … I ran along the edge

I was a child once again for a short time

I ran in pure joy … twirled along the way

Danced my way back to being an adult

Straightened my shoulders … as I walked away

Making the transition to reality from a magical world

Coming from it a better person to shine my light

Let it glow from inside to touch the hearts of others

Light their way when they are near

Reflecting love, caring … all is going to be alright

No matter how bad … in time … all will be good again

One person to another …. they light the way for others

So all can find their way on the dark paths of life

Look around you … you see deep pain in people’s eyes

Who have lived real life … learned from it

You’ll see an understanding in their eyes

From learning life’s lessons … only then … can they be

Compassionate, loving, caring … a light to the world

That comes from being able to feel from their hearts

When they touch your life they do it in such a way

You are a better person for having met them

You know these people when you meet up with them

They are the ones who make you feel better

When you are in their presence … walk away

Still feel the warmth from their souls

Warming your heart like a cheerful fireplace

Burning merrily on a cold, winter’s day

I hope I can reflect such a light

To make everyone feel better for having met me

I want to reflect only goodness

If I can’t say something good, I’ll try to say nothing bad

Though I’m not perfect … I’ll do my best

Be the ocean, wind, waves … moon

Leaving light in my path for others to find their way

I found my way back following splashes of light

On the dark paths I’ve traveled in my life

Someone cared to share along their way

Until the end of my time here on earth

I want to smile … dance the rest of my life in joy

I hope to inspire others who are sad

Let them know … in time all will be alright again

When it comes time for me to go on my last journey

I hope someone will remember me

Not for the person who has made millions of mistakes

Remember me for the person I was today, not yesterday




Note by this Author:

Photo/ heart-felt poem owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I hope I can reflect light as I go through my life.  I know at times I haven’t because I was in darkness.  I’m not perfect but, I really do the best I can do.  Don’t you think if we all did … the world really would be a better place?  I do.