I Weathered The Storm… I Was The Storm

I Weathered The Storm … I Was The Storm

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


The pain began ‘out of the blue’, making me hold the wash cloth to my face.  My tears became lost in the water from the shower.  I held my hand to my chest… the pain.


I stood there for several minutes, sobbing silently.  I wanted to cry forever.  I knew I couldn’t… I didn’t want anyone to see my eyes and ‘know’.  Especially… Skip.


Everything is going to be alright… it’s May… Tommy died May 29, 2010.  My brother, Rick-Rick, died May 19, 2005.


On May 19, 2009… Tommy’s life changed in such a way as to affect him until he died one year later.  A man stepped in front of his tractor-trailer… he was killed.  That began the ‘death‘ of my son…


May, 2010…. was the last time I got to be a mother… my only child died.  I became ‘motherless’…


There are more things… I just don’t want to remember them.  Remembering my son’s death is almost more than I can bear.  I can bear it … now.  I know everything’s going to be alright … now.


I, know there will still be times when the pain will become almost unbearable… my son, my son… my child died.  Can you imagine such a thing?


Today, I was showering… enjoying the scent of my perfumed soap.  I had my mind on what I wanted to pick up when going to town later.


A dark cloud hovered over me for several minutes… making me cry stormy tears.  I was the storm… when I finished, the sun brightened all up again.  I began smiling… everything’s going to be alright.  I weathered this storm…



P.S… I want to thank all my new followers on each of my blogs, for following me.  I’m most honored, and I treasure each of you.  You mean the world to me.


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