Taboo… Drinking Blood

TABOO… Drinking Blood



Fuzzy and happy..2 shot glasses full… juices left over from a steak… the essence of another…mating ritual… giving a part of your spirit, your energy… vamping out, severe cravings for…………………………………………..

Blood. I have been watching a documentary on vampire ‘people’. I’ve been watching them put little ‘Xs’ on the skin, criss-crossing the skin with a razor… and drinking the blood before it cools. I can’t even imagine ‘drinking someone’s blood’. I’ve been watching them ‘slurp’ it up!

I won’t knock it because… it might be good, but, I can say I don’t want to be … full of someone else’s red-red

blood! I would waste it by getting sick. One woman says ‘it’s just a part of life’. They say that drinking blood is a way of ’embracing life’.

I think I would rather hug someone, and let that be my way of embracing life. I think I’ll let my hugs be my ‘part of life’.

I was thinking of the disadvantages ‘for me to drink your blood’….

First of all, if any dripped out of my mouth when I was savoring it… it would drip red on ‘everything’! I would have a hard time getting the bloodstains out…and gracious, suppose someone knocked at the door! Would I go to answer the door with a bloody smile? It might be good if there are people there with ill intentions…. they’d be scared of me’, instead me scared of them… they would ‘know I might bite them!’ I bite… anyway! :)))

Red isn’t my favorite color, though I like it! But… I don’t want your blood! You might need it! I don’t want to need your blood, nor do I want to crave it!

I was thinking that if there were a lot of ‘bloodsuckers’ in a crowd… and someone accidentally got cut…. would everyone rush with their mouths open, tongues flicking in and out in anticipation to get your blood? Seems like there is a danger of being ‘sucked up’.

I can think of a lot of situations people have ‘blood’… like in hospital… one’s IVs. Can you imagine someone who needs some blood standing there with that ‘craving gleam’ in their eyes, a little crazy half-grin on their lips, that ole tongue licking their lips? In and out… in and out……………………………………………………………..

I can ‘see’ it now… they pull that little razor out and put an ‘X’ on your bag of blood… and stick a straw in it, suck out a couple shot glasses of it, put a band aid over the hole to seal it up. You are lying there watching in disbelief, all the while thinking you are ‘high’ on medicines! Who are you going to tell, what are you going to say? Press the call button to tell the nurse ‘hey, someone is in here with a straw in my bag of blood sucking it all gone!’ Of course, she wouldn’t believe you.

I don’t like the metallic taste of blood. Yes, I’ve tasted blood, I know you have too. Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t want to crave blood and someone’s ‘nose began to bleed’! I wouldn’t want to suck a nose!

I’m thinking now… I don’t knock those vampires but, I don’t want to be one. I have respect for everyone else’s beliefs. It doesn’t mean I believe in them, or want to practice them. I’m not ever going to let anyone see my nose bleed! One never knows who is watching… or how fast someone could… jump on your nose! :)))

Yes… I know this sounds silly, but…I, like you…. sometimes have very silly thoughts. Someone could be standing close by… with that ‘craving gleam’ in their eyes, that little crazy half-grin, that ole tongue flicking …in and out, in and out…. in and out! Oh, I’m going to watch my nose, too! You just might want to watch yours… too!

I wonder what that man is looking at…standing over there… he seems to be … is his tongue flicking over his lips.. why, I wonder ‘if’ that’s a crazy, little grin on … his mouth? His eyes….. wait a minute… he’s not craving blood… I think he is just chewing on his gum! :)))

6 thoughts on “Taboo… Drinking Blood

  1. This with blood drinking … not my thing – but we are all different and we all crave different things … I wouldn’t trust somebody else’s blood neither – I think I stick to the ice cream, very interesting view on the subject. *smile I love RED!!!

  2. Eeeew!!! LoL!!!

    It’s bad enough having to blot up leaking blood when I scratch myself!!! LoL!!! 🙂

    My PC is acting up even more and looks to fail any time so I’m going to take a break from blogging until I get the new machine up and running which should take about a week! 🙂

    Hope you have a great week my friend! 🙂

    Love and hugs to you, Skip and the pups!!! 🙂


      • WOOOHOOO! 🙂

        The Man Is Back!!! 🙂

        The new PC arrived today at 12.02pm and I’ve just set it up!!! 🙂

        Good to know I haven’t lost my touch!!! 🙂

        I have a huge amount of work still to do, then I have to pay for it, so no more luxuries until I can balance the books!!! 🙂

        Love and squishy hugs!


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