I Won’t Be Here… I’ll Be There

I Won’t Be Here… I’ll Be There
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates


If I die, would you notice if I were gone
Would you see the empty space I left behind
Before things shuffled, filling it in

Would you miss the sound of my voice
The brightness of my smile
Could you possibly… miss ‘me’

I only mean something to one person
One person in this world
Everyone is gone, even my only child

Sometimes, I wonder when I already know
That some people would really care
Some would shed a tear or two

When I die, it will be a private affair
No one will need to come to see my body
I don’t let anyone come to watch me sleep

Sleeping is a personal thing
Dying is personal, too
I don’t want anyone to come stare at me

No one needs to know when I’m gone
No one needed to know when I was here
Let me rest in peace

Cremate my body, free my soul
Let the fire change my body to ashes
Be placed in a beautiful chest with painted roses

Maybe one day my ashes will be scattered in the wind
To swirl, dance, play in the air
My ashes will become dust in the wind

I will be ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I will be until I’m no more
I won’t be here… but, I will be there

If I die, don’t come looking for me
You didn’t find me when I lived
I won’t be here… I’ll be there


10 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Here… I’ll Be There

  1. Gloria this is exactly how I feel, you could not have said it for many of us any better …reblogging this is so beautiful! Oh and thank you for your supportive comment on my face book status. Hgs and God Bless you.

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