Time To Let Go Of You … And You … And … You

Time To Let Go Of You … And You … And … You

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




There comes a time in a person’s life when it’s time to cleanse

Get the clutter out of their life, be able to see… think clearly

Clutter being material things… clutter being negative people


Time to let go of things unneeded, things that take up space

People who are negative… people who deceive us as friends

People who are unhealthy for us …. who use us when needed


Time to let go of people who pretend they are family, care

People who latch onto us, if they think we are somebody

Unlatch from us… if we are not


What better time to cleanse our life from all the riff-raff

Let go of all the things that take up space, cause us grief

What better time than… now… to let go?


Clutter, negative people are like bricks in a foundation

Bricks that are broken, no good for building

A house that sits on them… will fall down, never be secure


Let go, let go … get the clutter out of your life

Be it material… be it living

Get it out … get it out before it smothers, weighs you down


Get the negative people out who lie to your face, laugh behind your back

You know who they are… they know you know, yet they keep right on

It’s time to get their ass out of your life, throw them out like trash


How about the one who promised to tell you how your brother is

‘Forgets’ to tell you anything… yet, sees the family often

How about being told not to say anything… you smile, you lie


Thinking no one knows what you’ve done… has waited on you

For months to see… if you were a real friend… family

Disappointed… because you were no more than anyone else


It’s time for you, and others to part ways, go your way forever

Time for me to go mine forever… never crossing paths again

Because… who needs enemies when they have … family?


Family of black widow spiders who constantly strike, bite

Bite the other in the back, lying… deceiving the whole time

It’s the end of the year now… it’s time to let go of all who cause grief


Begin life anew… more space in your life, your mind,  your heart

To fill with good things, thoughts… happiness

Where before… was filled with unhappiness from too much clutter


It’s time to let go… let go … I’m going to … let go soon

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, in my home and in my mind

Time for these negative people… to go… time to let go, clean my life






Author’s Note:


I’ve been doing a lot of cleansing in my life… material things that have cluttered my life.  Now… in the next week or so… I hope the negative people will go on in their life… because I will be letting go of them … one by one.


This will be my only goodbye to them… I send you best wishes to take with you … when I let go of you on my Facebook… my life.


You are the ‘broken bricks’ in my foundation… I have to remove you in order… to make my foundation stronger.


We all should do this from time to time… but, many won’t.  They are afraid of being alone… afraid of having no one.  I am not.  I don’t miss what I never had… before.  I do this in a kind way, and wish all back to the ones I let go… that they gave, touched my life with.  They are … very deserving.


No one should have enemies when… they have … family.  Life is what it is… I hold no hard feelings… if you have to, so… be it.


41 thoughts on “Time To Let Go Of You … And You … And … You

  1. I know exactly what you mean Gloria. In the aftermath of my son’s car accident, there has been one family member who has behaved horribly – so I am letting them go!

    • There comes a time when one has to… I understand. Truthfully… one ‘knows’ when it can’t be anymore than pretending. I have never liked relationships like that… ‘family’ is no exception. I wish you luck, and to feel so much better since ‘letting go’…

  2. Great article about letting go. I’m always trying to reassess, and many times, it meant letting go, not returning phone calls from needy, desperate people who want to whine about whatever may be bothering them. I look for people who are looking forward, positive. And clutter can take over and rob you of time and patience. So, the new year is great, time to make this one so much better than last year and praying all the way!!

  3. I like how you refer to negative people as the “broken bricks” in your foundation. How true that is! Thank you for encouraging me through your writing ♥

  4. as I listened…I wondered how many others could feel your voice
    a turning point, a cross-road of new direction…
    I enjoyed your words…for they feel of strength from a spirit that has resurfaced
    to be one’s own story again….
    Thank you….your words will linger and draw me back…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  5. I’ve let go of several who have searched every word or deed I’ve done until they can find or manufacture a negative on my behalf. Twice, I thought one of these was calling to thank me for something I had done and got a scathing comment about untrue motives. So I let go, but stood by. Not because I was afraid of being alone, there are plenty of true friends to warm me. But because we shared so many memories and I loved them once and still love their children. After 7 years, they came back into my life and act like nothing ever happened. It will never be the same, but we are able to talk and laugh together a few times a year.
    There is one more that I am keeping the door open for, a cousin I was once close to. She has mental problems and no other close family. She has four siblings, but they don’t speak. I am here waiting because I don’t want her to be all alone.

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