The ‘Ghost’ Was Right In Front Of Me … On The Wall!

The ‘Ghost’ Was Right In Front Of Me … On The Wall!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee


I stood in the living room looking at our three precious Pups. Each one was asleep … one on the couch, one on the love seat … the other asleep on the big ottoman.

I heard something … it was a ghostly, breathing sound. Ever so often, I heard this sound. I was alone … the Pups were asleep.

Standing there, I tried to place ‘where’ exactly the sound came from. I knew it came from toward the hallway … in my art room? in Skip’s study? bedroom? bathrooms?

I walked through the house, cautiously. I was ready to run, if I needed to. Strange, the Pups didn’t wake up to the sound. I never did discover the source of the sound.

A week went by, I heard the sound at different times of the day. I told myself that this house wasn’t haunted. But … what is that sound coming from? I was truly puzzled.

I’m not the bravest soul when it comes to something I … can’t see. If I can see something, I will face it off. I don’t like hunting for where strange sounds come from. One never knows what can happen … I watch tv … I know what can happen. 🙂

You know how a woman will hear something in the dark part of a house. Your mind screams at her … ‘don’t go, you fool, don’t go’! It always happens on a movie … the woman is too brave for her own good. I’d rather prepare … wait in one place … take a stand … and go from there. I’m going to win because I want to live.

I thought to ask Skip if he’d been hearing an airy, breathing sound that seemed to have a little ‘wheeze’. He said yes, he had. I was so glad to know he had heard it, also.

I was standing one day near the entrance into the hall … I heard the sound very close to me! I turned around … I didn’t see anything. I tiptoed through the hallway to my art room, peered inside. The sound was coming from between that room, and the entrance to the hallway.

I waited, I didn’t hear it again. I knew ‘where about’ the sound was coming from! I heard it again the next day … I walked quickly into the hallway … stood. Where was that sound coming from?

I was looking at the walls, thinking about how pretty they’d be with soft color on them. My eyes stopped … my mouth fell open …

Oh my goodness, I’d just discovered where the ‘wheezy breathing’ was coming from! It was on the wall right in front of me!

It was the white dispenser that disperses the air-freshner into the air! It was out of the air-freshner … and whenever the automatic thing would work … an airy, breathing, wheezy sound would come from it!

The house wasn’t haunted at all! I am so happy to discover the source of the ‘ghostly’ sounds. I didn’t have to get killed, stabbed, knocked out, kidnapped in the process of locating the ‘ghost’!

The ‘ghost’ was right in front of me, on the wall!



Photo/story are both owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka &grannygee


2 thoughts on “The ‘Ghost’ Was Right In Front Of Me … On The Wall!

  1. PMSL!!! 🙂

    Oh GLORIA!!! 🙂

    You had me worried there for a minute, thinking a leaking pipe or whatever!!! 🙂

    Good to know it was something so minor!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs to you, Skip and the pups!!! 🙂


    • Ha! Imagine how I was feeling! I kept hearing that strange sound off and on for a while …. I was worrying at ‘what’ it might be, ha! Love and hugs back to you from Skip, me and the Pups! 🙂

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