Part 6: They Ate What They Killed

Part 6:    They Ate What They Killed      … Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee   (dedicated to Nancy Smith Satterwhite … I hope you recover soon from your surgery!).


Photos/story owned/written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  Who knows what lives in the woods?



Victoria could hear the growls coming from the children.  She followed the sounds without getting too close.  The trees blocked her view.  Victoria became a shadow … no one could see her now.


She blended in with her surroundings … her shadow moved slowly … no one would ever notice.  She got close to the children … the big man.


Victoria studied the children’s faces, their bodies.  The children had an awful smell of blood, feces, urine.  They were wild children … they didn’t act like normal children … they were animals … human animals.  Little human animals who have never known love, nurturing.  A pack of animal humans!


She watched the big man … he appeared to be intelligent, controlling.  He had a cane he used to tap a child back to where he wanted it.  The animal children respected the man … when he grunted, nodded … prodded a child with the cane they responded.


Victoria decided to test an idea.  She became herself for a split second … changed back to a shadow. Several of the human animals saw her … they attacked the area where she had stood.  Victoria saw sharp pointed teeth … viciousness on each child’s face … the growling was ungodly. They were attacking thin air and each other.


The man growled at them … throwing each away from the other.  He threatened them with the cane.  After several moments they quieted down.  Victoria saw for herself what the human-animal children would do to a person.  Oh, my God, she thought.  She had never heard, seen or thought there were such things in this world.


Victoria wanted to follow them to their den … to where they lived in the forest.  She would decide what to do once she knew where they lived.  She did know something had to be done.  Victoria felt sure she’d just discovered what was happening to people who came to Rainbow Mountain Park.


People were missing … some people had been attacked by what they didn’t know … it happened so fast.  The ones who lived to tell about being attacked were lucky.  Victoria wondered why some people lived after an attack … Ms Nancy was one of the fortunate ones.


When the animal-children attacked a person … it was a matter of minutes before all the flesh was eaten … organs.  She had watched the man bury the bones of the person they ate earlier.  He had placed rocks over the grave … no one would know the difference.


Monsters … human animals … children!  Victoria was having a time believing what she saw, heard. Yet … there it all was … just in front of her.  How did this begin … who was the man … she had all sorts of questions in her mind.  Why?


She followed the pack of monsters … listened to their growls.  Not one child spoke a single word. Victoria would bet they didn’t talk in words.  Grunts, growls … strange sounds came from their lips.


The pack came to a complete stop along the path.  The man looked around as he pulled back a thick curtain of foliage … Victoria could see an opening leading into darkness.  She would blend well in the darkness.  No one would ever know she was there.


Victoria waited until the pack of monsters and man entered the hole.  The man was last … he turned … dropped the heavy curtain of foliage.  Victoria waited five minutes … entered the dark cave behind the curtain.


She could hear the animal-children.  Victoria could see in the darkness as she was darkness … a shadow of herself.  They walked forever it seemed.  Victoria could see a soft glow of light ahead. She saw more children … how many children were here?


The animal-children ran to the fire … sat around it.  She could see their faces in the light. They looked like children but, she knew differently.  These children weren’t raised to be children … they killed when they saw people.  They ate what they killed.


To be continued …


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