Please, I Don’t Want To Hurt Anymore…

Please, I Don’t Want To Hurt Anymore…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I sit here tonight thinking of you

I can hardly see for the tears that fill my eyes

Grief fills my heart, pain fills my soul


I’ve tried to put my grief away

Just as one packs things away in a box

To store up in the attic until… one day


I can’t seem to stay away, I keep going back

To bring my box of grief back down

For me to open… because… I can’t forget you, Son




There goes that old, familiar sensation

In the bottom of my stomach

The one of birds trapped in a cage


Their wings flutter wildly to escape

Grief, pure grief is like that

Panic, pain mixed together


Panic that when I let myself think

That you really have gone away

Oh God… the pain really hurts so bad


Tommy, I miss you with my very heart

I cry to heaven… it does no good

Cry all I want… won’t bring you back


Sometimes, I wonder why

You were taken away at such a young age

Parents are supposed to be the first to go


I’m left here… my only child is gone

Can you imagine how it feels, how it hurts

No… you think you can, but… you don’t


You never will… unless you lose a child

Only then, can you possibly understand

The pain is forever… it never goes away


Once again, I thought the pain was tucked away

But, I see… that I have to tuck myself along with it

I’m going to bed now… sleep it away


I pray that when I wake

That the pain won’t wake when I do

Please give me peace, Lord… please, I don’t want to hurt anymore



18 thoughts on “Please, I Don’t Want To Hurt Anymore…

  1. Hon, you know that I know where you are coming from with your poetry and writing in general. Having lost two daughters one day apart…July 21 and July 22, 2010 after three years the pain is hiding when you are busy and your mind wanders; but returns at any given moment. I heart is with you and all parents who have lost a child. I pray that you find peace when possible. Ann

    • Wow… my eyes fill with tears for your loss of two daughters. I can’t even imagine double the pain… as just one child is the most I’ve ever known in my life. I pray that you find peace, too.. Ann. Thank-you for caring. It does sneak up on one when least expected… now, ‘to get past it’. This time it’s taking a little longer.

  2. Hey x….
    I am so sorry for your loss. I have no words, I can thank you for following my blog, so we may help each other, words can and do help. I am sending a huge hug to you over Cyber Space.

    Shaun x

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