Please Help Kissy Fairchild … He Needs Surgery In Two Weeks

Please Help Kissy Fairchild … He Needs Surgery

In Two Weeks …

LINK to donate to surgery for Kissy :

You can also, donate directly to his, and Camie’s vet, by calling.  Dr. David Fontenot (Louisburg Veterinary Clinic) in Louisburg, NC.  Phone Number is:  919-496-2638.  Photo below …. of their business card.  (First photo).






Please Help Kissy Fairchild …  He Needs Surgery In Two Weeks

Kissy is our gentle giant … he is a Rottie.  He and the puppy, Camie, I rescued on July 4, 2013 … are very close.

Yesterday (March 04, 2015) … we took Kissy Fairchild to the vet.  He has been limping on his right leg for a month, now.  He’s a big dog, and he could end up not walking on it!  I’m so worried about him.

The vet said he doesn’t need to go any longer that 2 weeks, to get surgery. For now, until then … he can’t run, jump, do anything that could cause further damage.

Kissy is on pain/inflammation medicine during these next two weeks.

Kissy’s surgery is called:  Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA).

Kissy has a cranial cruciate ligament rupture.  You can go to his and Camie’s Facebook page (link is below) … and read all about it.  You can see all involved in the surgery … it’s itemized … and you can see total cost of the surgery.

I posted photos of all the information  regarding Kissy’s surgery… the vet gave to me.  If you have any questions … you can ask them on Kissy and Camie’s Facebook page.

My husband and I can’t afford to pay for this surgery. Kissy can get in really bad shape if he doesn’t get this surgery.  He has a tear in the ligament in his right, hind leg (knee).

I remembered people helping us when I did a GoFundMe campaign on a little puppy (Precious Camo) I rescued.  I have come here once again … to ask for help. Please help us save Kissy’s leg.

My husband isn’t working, and we are struggling, financially.

You can visit both, Kissy Fairchild and Precious Camo’s (Camie) Facebook page, anytime.  Come be friends with them.

I post photos of both Kissy, and Camie … almost every day.  I write about their days, and what goes on in their lives.  You can keep up with everything to do with them in their lives.

Their Facebook link is:

Send a friend request … keep up with Kissy, and Camie.

Kissy, Camie … and my husband, Skip are my whole world.  That’s why I am asking for help getting Kissy’s surgery in 2 weeks.  There’s no way we have that kind of money.  Please help us.  Thank you from my very Heart. My Pups and Skip are all I have in this world.

Sincerely, Gloria Bates

Below are photos of what needs to be done to Kissy during surgery.  Also, photos of paperwork describing Kissy’s surgery.  Kissy is on pain medicine/inflammation for two weeks … until he can get the surgery.

Thank you very much for your help.

Photos are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

#surgery for Kissy …

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