Writing Until the Grief Ebbs Away

Writing Until the Grief Ebbs Away

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter





Eyes closed, all is quiet excepting for the sound

Of raindrops falling onto the metal box outside

I’m sad today … grief crept back into my world

Really … it was there all along

It sits, waits for days like this

Days without brightness … colors

Oh God … please let the sun shine

Shine on me … keep the darkness away

Let colors of the rainbow fill my world

Never no more black … gray

I’ve had a lifetime of grief … pain

I know how it feels to lose all my loved ones

They are gone I’m still here

To mourn their loss to the day I die

Death to death … no more pain

Death, grief … death takes it all away

Rain, rain go away … raindrops become my tears

Falling heavy upon the metal box outside my window

I am so sad … grief has sneaked into my day

I feel the birds in the cage begin to panic

Panic, beating their wings against the bars

Of the bird cage … please let me out

Death is close by in my thoughts

I’m afraid … I have lost my son, only child

I can’t bear this pain … I don’t want to think about it

Please grief let me go … I wish the sun would shine

Filling my world with a rainbow

With many colors to take away my pain

Sunlight to brighten every corner of my mind

Until no more shadows remain

I listen to the raindrops fall as I cry in my mind

Wind sweeps bare branches back and forth

Cold, wet … I want to get warm

Grief go back where you come from

I take several breaths … rest my head on my arm

I open my eyes to see … golden sunshine

Smiling, I sit up straight to look around me

I see colors in the bright light

I know that once again everything’s going to be alright

Grief has gone away until another rainy day

I sit here writing these words

Writing until the grief ebbs away




Note by this Author:

Today I am writing the grief away.  It has crept up on me through the shadows of the rainy day.  I’ll be alright as soon as the sun shines on me … making colors bright again.

I can say that this year I am more myself than I have been since my Son, Tommy … died.  I knew the holidays would probably bring on grief.  I also, knew this time I would be alright.  I am … you are just seeing me write until my grief ebbs away.

Poem/photos owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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