Part 13: The Hells of Fire Were Burning In Her …

Part 13:           The Hells of Fire Were Burning In Her …
Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … this is dedicated to my friend Ms Nancy Smith Satterwhite while she recovers from surgery.

No one cares about the homeless … they are the invisible people no one sees … even when in sight. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (it is of me … this is what Victoria Fairchild looks like) …




Just as his hand grabbed her … Victoria whirled around like a tornado.  The big man knew he was trouble.  He’d never seen a person move so fast.

Victoria kicked him upside his head, whirled around … kicked him on the other side of his head.  The hells of fire were burning in her!

The big man went down to pavement … moaning.  Victoria stood over him … he went to get up … she kicked him in the chest.  You bastard!  Raping a little girl!  I’m going to show you how to rape a little girl!

Victoria sat down on the man’s legs … began unzipping his trousers.  The man began to cry … what are you doing?  Victoria leaned so he could see her face … smiled sweetly … said I’m going to fix you so you won’t ever rape another child!

No!  No! The man caught sight of something shiny … Victoria had a pair of scissors in her hand … the man began to scream.  She slapped him … shut the fuck up you bastard!  Victoria jerked his pants down … they were bloody from when he was on top of the child.

The man tried to fight her … Victoria stabbed him in his right arm.  He kept trying to get her off him … Victoria stabbed in the other arm.  God help me!  The man was crying like a woman.

The pain made the man fight harder … Victoria jumped up.  She was going to cut his penis off … castrate him.  Now … he had to die.

She took her little pistol out … looked him in the eyes … die you bastard!  She shot him in the center of his forehead.  He died instantly.

Victoria stood over him for several minutes.  She heard a sound near the dumpster … she narrowed her eyes … turned her head to see the little girl.  Oh my … the child has seen everything!  Victoria walked to the child …

She held her arms out to the little girl … for a moment she thought the child wouldn’t come to her. When she did … she ran into Victoria’s arm.  Her little body trembled as Victoria held her tightly. Victoria told her she didn’t have to be afraid anymore … but … she couldn’t tell anyone what happened … only her parents.

The little girl told her she only had her mom.  Victoria took her by the hand … asked the little girl her name.  My name is McKenzie.

Victoria and McKenzie walked for a little ways … turned out of the alley to the right.  They walked to a big cardboard box.  A shopping cart sat outside.  Mama!  The little girl had begun to cry.

McKenzie’s mother slowly crawled out of the cardboard box.  Victoria could tell the woman was fragile.  She was so thin.  She had blonde hair … very blue eyes, full lips.  With a little weight she would be beautiful.

Victoria crawled into the box to sit with the mother to talk to her.  The mother’s name was Earlene. Victoria related to her what had happened to the little girl. As she talked to Earlene … she watched how gentle she was with McKenzie.

McKenzie had laid down … put her head on her mother’s lap … Earlene’s gently stroked her little head.  The little girl calmed down, fell asleep.

The homeless were used to seeing violence … bad things happened in their world.  There wasn’t any law to protect them.  No one cared about the homeless  … if one died … who cared?

Earlene knew not to say anything to anyone.  She was grateful to Victoria for saving her child.

As Victoria was preparing to leave …  she reached in her deep pocket and pulled out a black pouch with a drawstring.  She gave it to the mother … Earlene opened it … gasped.

In the black pouch was money in small bills.  Victoria told her to put it around her neck … Earlene put it around her neck … let it fall inside her dress.  Victoria had given Earlene $1,000.

Victoria asked Earlene would she and McKenzie want to leave this life.  Earlene told her it wasn’t possible … they knew no other way of life.  Earlene was born in the homeless world … so was McKenzie.

Victoria sat for several moments … thinking.  Will you and McKenzie come with me?  I can take you out of here … help you.  If you don’t want to leave here … I can take you to a secret place to go if you ever felt afraid, unsafe or just to stay for a few days.

Victoria rescued homeless people sometimes.  She would walk them to the building where she and Chip owned … when no one was looking … slip into the door by pressing a secret button.  This was where she parked when she came to the homeless world.

The building had a big … closed parking area on the ground floor.  No one could enter it from the front or the back excepting Victoria or Chip.

She also had a safe room built onto the building several years ago … for her homeless friends to go when they felt threatened.  It had been some time since she’d taken someone there.

Earlene agreed to go to the secret place for a few days … for now, she and McKenzie would stay here where they knew their surroundings.  Victoria told Earlene to think about leaving permanently.

It so happened later … Earlene and McKenzie decided to leave.  Victoria had a house for them.  Not only that she made sure their every need was provided for.

Victoria had hired 2 people to live in the house to help Earlene and McKenzie any way needed.  That was 6 months ago … Earlene and McKenzie were thriving.  They didn’t look like the same people who had come out of the homeless world.

The phone rang breaking Victoria’s thoughts.  She answered it … it was Tom Siddons.  He told her to come to his office … he had a plan.

To be continued …

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