While You Let A Little Puppy Lie On The Ground To Die…

While You Let A Little Puppy Lie On The Ground To Die Alone

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee






A little puppy lay at death’s door… no one cared

Children played near by, laughing… screaming

As the butterflies flew around the flowers near its head


She lay there thinking of the woman she went to visit

When she could run, play, bark

She could sense the woman was crying for her


Crying for her, thinking she was laying dead somewhere

Puppies can sense things… this puppy sensed she was needed

It sensed this woman was grieving for her…


She had to summon the strength to push her little body up

To go to the woman, let her know she wasn’t dead

She walked the distance to get to the woman’s house


The woman’s Pups came out barking, she came behind them

Saw this little puppy she loved so much… her mouth fell open

Camie, she cried… oh, Camie… you aren’t dead


The little puppy kept going back to the only place it knew to lay down

Back to where it laid once again on the cold, wet ground

Thinking if the woman didn’t find her… she’d just die


No one else wanted her, they let her go without food, water

So, she’d die… one person wanted her, the other wanted her gone

When fleas bit her, made her body sore… they didn’t like her anymore


Now… as the little puppy lay here on the ground, it was too late

Her body had lost its hair, skin red from the sun, she was ugly

No one could want her now… she heard voices coming her way


The children who played nearby were showing the woman the way

To where she lay… the little puppy saw tears in the woman’s eyes

Wondered if the tears were for her… could it be?


The woman said she was going to carry this puppy home with her

When she reached down to get her … her hands touched blood

And clear liquid… several maggots fell off


The woman asked the children if they had a towel, cloth

They couldn’t find anything to wrap around the little puppy

The woman said she’d carry her, get her to her house


She meant to carry the little puppy home while she had a chance

The woman wasn’t walking away without her, wasting another minute

She reached down, picked the little puppy up in her arms


The woman knew she was causing the puppy pain, it made her cry

She apologized, said she’d make it better

Please, God… help me carry this puppy home


Her weight is so heavy, please help me not to drop her

On the cold, wet ground… I pray I can get her home to care

For her, love her… nurse her back to health


Shame on those people who did such a thing to a baby puppy

Left her to die alone on the cold, wet ground

With butterflies flying over her… flowers growing near her head


Shame on people who neglect their pets, abuse them

The woman prayed they would know in their life how it felt

To have their hair gone, their skin in open sores


To feel how it feels to be abandoned, left to die alone

She knew this was a horrible thought… but, if one doesn’t

Know how it feels… they’ll keep right on


Abusing other little puppies, any children they might have

Shame on you, people… shame on you

Why didn’t you let this woman know you didn’t want this puppy


When you knew she was attached to it, loved it

Shame on you for keeping the puppy where it would die

After the woman spent money on medicine for it, put it on


Letting the puppy get in worse condition

Did you keep it penned up somewhere to let it weaken

Because that puppy didn’t get in that condition overnight


Not overnight when she’d was getting better

The woman’s heart cries because there was a period of three days

This puppy must have suffered horribly


Three days… when she could have had her

Those people knew she loved the little puppy

They knew she was trying to make her well, they gave her permission


Did they have an argument… the one who didn’t want the puppy

Winning, saying ‘get rid of it’

Is that what happened… Shame on you for not coming to the woman


Shame on you… this is the thought that constantly goes through

The woman’s mind … though she smiles at you politely

As you ask her if she’d carry you to town to get cigarettes


As you impose on her privacy, generosity

Shame on you for thinking the world is only about you

While you let a little puppy lie on the ground to die, all alone



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