She’s Lived Her Hell On Earth…

She’s Lived Her Hell On Earth

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Precious Camo/Camie… Day 13 Update on her Progress…..


This morning Camie was taken to the animal hospital to stay most of today.  She is being treated for being very sick… she has been put on antibiotics, and the doctor will tell us this evening all he had to do.


We thought she’d be spayed, have her surgery this morning.  She isn’t well enough for that.  That will happen in two weeks.  For now… we have to get her little body strong enough, well enough for it.


Can you see in the photos above that she’s wondering what’s happen?  :)))  I took the cozy blanket off the top of her house; and put the door on the house to keep her inside for the ride to the animal hospital… and when she comes home.


I’ll take that door off her house when she gets home…. I would never cage her up in it… she has her own ‘hospital area’ I made for her. 


She can come in, out of her cozy house to get food, water… and I open it ‘big’ for her to go outside when she wants to go.  I open the back door, and stretch the fence to the door.  She has a safe fenced-in yard to go out in.


I wanted to thank ‘Camie’s Angel‘ who helped us to take care of Camie’s visit today.  It means the world to us.  She doesn’t want to be known… I respect that very much.  I’m so grateful from my Heart.  I have to acknowledge such kindness, generosity.  Thank-you.


Thank-you all for your special prayers, special thoughts for her.  She needs all of them; I’m so grateful.  Thank-you.


Well………. soon, it’ll be time to go get her, bring her home!  She’ll go back in two weeks to get her surgery to be spayed.


I wanted to update you all… Camie has many friends who are following her progress at:


Come follow, watch her progress… I rescued her from certain death… she was laying on the cold, wet ground dying… no one cared at all.  I will update later.  :)))  It’s time to get her in a few minutes!!!


Oh, she’s one of Our Pups now… she’s loved, fed well, cared for by her new family.  No more suffering for her… she’s lived her ‘hell on earth’.



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