A Wife’s Prayer

A Wife’s Prayer
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


The most Special Person in my Life … my Husband

Being grateful for many things I have become
Never taking for granted even one
Here today … it all could be gone tomorrow

Life changes fast … sometimes, good things last
Sometimes, they go away as fast as they came into our lives
For now, I’m thankful for the little extra things we have in life

We’ve done without so long … I don’t know how long this will last
Things don’t come easily anymore … not without blood, sweat, tears
We aren’t as young as we used to be when the world was ours

Sickness, medical problems, doctors … took everything
Made it difficult to spring back to having it good once again in life
So now, we are happy with what comes our way

He works hard for his age doing something he has never done
Never knew he’d have to ever do … his body older, not as strong
There should be a time of rest, and relaxation for a man

A man who has worked hard in his life … a time to go fishing
Do the things he has always wanted to do
A time of happiness over the simplest things

I know a man who never knows anything but, hard work
No matter how sick he gets, how bad he feels
There’s never no rest for his weary bones, he’ll work until he dies

My wish for him is that he’ll win a lottery, come into big money
So, he can do all the simple things he wishes to do
When the time came to retire … he couldn’t

In today’s time … an older man will go to his grave
Never getting the chance to know what it feels like
To rest, know the pleasure of waking up … retired

It breaks my Heart because I know one man who deserves it
Yet, he can’t stop … there’s work to be done, bills to pay
There’s no rest for this older man … he’ll work until he dies

He works hard, treats people good … makes up for any mistakes
He has ever made in his life … this man deserves the best
Yet, Life has dealt him a rough hand to play out

I hope, pray that now, at this time in his life
He has a good hand to play … one that will make the rest of his life
A pleasure … to wake up each day

Maybe go fishing … go to a museum, or a movie
Not worry about how the bills will be paid
I pray the Lord to help my Husband find rest, relaxation

Find it soon at this time in his life
Let his tired body, mind know how it feels to be completely rested
Let his smiles be from happiness inside his Heart

I pray the Lord to keep
My Husband safe, and sound
Give him a good life now … to know the pleasures of older life

I close my eyes to go to sleep
With a soft smile on my lips
I believe … Lord … that my prayer will come true

Thank you Lord from my Heart
For this good man who has cared for me
Cared for me through illness, and good health

He is my soulmate, my best Friend
I love him with my very Heart
He and our two Pups … are my whole world

I’ve known true love, caring
For many years with this man
I’ve been blessed, fortunate … Thank you, God

He put my needs, wants before his
Cared for my feelings with his Heart
I’ve never known such pure love in this Life

I’ve been blessed, fortunate … Thank you, God
Thank you for my Pups, Special Husband
No matter how good, bad Life has been … he has been by my side

I am getting older now … I’m not alone
Thank you, God for blessing me
Giving me my Husband all these years … at this time in my Life

I’ve been blessed, fortunate … Thank you, God
For my Husband, Protector, Best Friend
I pray you’ll hear my prayers to make the rest of his Life

Easier … to know how it feels to rest
To rest his body … his mind, his soul
Know how it feels to be happy every day of his life

Without working himself into his grave
Thank you, Lord from my very Heart
This is my prayer for my Husband. Amen

Photos/Poem owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


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