Each Of You Have Taken Time For Me, Thank You…


Two packages arrived from another country … they held four (4) beautiful printed books with six (6) months of my blog/photos.  You can’t imagine the joy I felt when I saw these books, how special it feels to hold them in my hands… because I didn’t know she was thinking of me…. once again.  Thank you from my very Heart.



This is a close-up of two of the beautiful books… can you imagine getting such a special gift?  And someone actually going to all it took to create these books?  I can only say I’m so amazed, awed  … it just touches me so deeply.


Each Of You Have Taken Time For Me, Thank You…

 By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I wanted to stop for a moment to say ‘Thank You’ to four people who have touched my life in different ways.  


I received a two big packages in the mail………… that held 4 books, and gifts for both Skip and I.  They were wrapped in happy, red and white Christmas paper.


My friend, who was also, Tommy’s friend…  sent them hoping they’d be here by Christmas.  She hoped we could put them under our little Christmas tree to open on Christmas morning.  The packages arrived just a few days ago.  They traveled from another country, the holidays made them late.


My heart was touched deeply.  This special person took many hours of her time to make four (4) books for me, complete with photos… of six (6) months of my stories from my blog.


You can see the photos at the top of this.  I want you to know that I sat, held them in my hands knowing her hands, her heart, her thoughts … were of me as she worked hard on them.


She thought of me once again, when I didn’t know she was.  How special is it…. when someone goes out of their way to do something for you… and you never know that they are thinking of you?  To do such … special things?  Like you are someone so special to them? 


Do you know… it makes me cry, because it touches me so deeply inside?  Even at this moment as I type these words to let you know of this special thing to me… my sight is blinded by a rush of hot tears.   


My nose burns, I had to take off my reading glasses to wipe them dry… yes, Granny Gee has the need of reading glasses.   I still try to take them off quickly, hide them so… no one will know that!  There is still alittle vanity left in this ‘ole’ girl.  :)))  I’m just saying…………………..


I feel I just want to sit, cry because these four books with the name of my blog… my name on the covers… inside are my words telling you stories of my grief, pain, remembering Tommy, my life…. touches me more than I can say in words.  


My feelings are in printed words all because someone did something so special… for me.  She printed all those words, pages … made books for …. ‘me.’  Can you imagine how surprised I was, how honored I felt, how… just amazed I am?  She knew I wanted my blog to be in a book some day….


I want to publish some of my stories from my blog later.  For now, I’m working on a story for my first book (yes, I mean to write a book… I have set my mind to it) …. some of you are already reading it.  I just shortened the title to it…


The name of it is:  WHEN SHE’S GOOD, SHE’S GOOD…    I did have the title as:  When She’s Good, She’s Good… When She Is Bad…  A friend of mine in Germany and I talked about shortening it… I took her suggestion because I liked it.  Thank you, Susanne.  She mentioned translating it into the German language.  It will be nice to see it in English.  :)))


I don’t pretend to be a writer, I am what you see here.  Just know I’m a humble person, no pretenses.  I’ve just set my mind on doing this… I want to write this book.  When I accomplish that…. there are more stories to write.  


Either I do it, or I fail… but, I won’t feel bad either way.  It’s as simple as that… I say this softly:  “I just want to write my book.”  :)))  I have a story to tell… :)))  Oh.. I know I’ll make mistakes along the way… I’m new at this.  I’m learning as I go… and later on, when I accomplish my goal… I will do as someone did for me tonight…….


So… I’m in the open with my goal… when usually one would stay quiet about it until ‘that day’…..  You all have been here with me at the beginning of my blog… when I was coming from the Dark World of Grief after Tommy, my only child died… 


I’ve shared my most deepest feelings, my grief…. I’d like to share this with you.  You can see how far I go with this… if you ever want to share your tips, experience, know-how… here is the one person it would mean the world to.  When I accomplish my goal, I will ‘pass it on/pay forward’, as I believe in doing just that to make someone’s path easier.


Tonight, I had the honor of talking with someone who is a published author.  He called, talked with me about publishing my book, walked me through things to be aware of when publishing, giving me tips.  I took notes as we talked.  Thank you, so much…. that meant the world to me.  Also, I thank our mutual friend whose words ‘made me jump off the bridge’… to go ahead and take steps to begin this new journey.


Thank you, my special friend who has once again thought of me without me knowing.  How do I deserve the nice things you have done for me?  I am so appreciative, I treasure these four (4) books you took your hands, time to make for me.  I sit and hold them, look inside… my thoughts always come back to ‘wow, I can’t believe she did this for me.’ 


I will say goodnight to all of you.  You all mean the world to me, thank you for being here.  Thank you for following me.  Love, Granny Gee/Gloria :)))

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