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I Wonder… Am I Getting Old?

I’m Wonder… Am I Getting Old?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee… 2013

The chill seeped into my bones
As I made myself ready for bed
I feel aches, pains that I never felt before

Am I finally getting old
Is that why my bones are aching
Is that why I find it hard to straighten

Winter weather is surely coming
I feel it ‘in my bones’
Haven’t you heard old-timers say this

We are going to have some winter weather
The temperatures are going crazy
I think it’s going to snow later this week

I’ve either become a weather forecaster
Or… somehow, old age has snuck up on me!
The weather must be going to get rugged

These aches, pains are really acting up
I can hardly stand up for the stiffness
When I sit… it hurts, too!

Come on, old lady… get your ass up
Just because of a few pains, you can’t just sit there
Get up, get up… you can’t get old!

I stand myself up… slowly, thinking the whole time
Mmmm-mmm… for the first time, I’ve never felt such
I think I’m getting old… no, I know I’m getting old

Does this mean that I’ll give up, fall on my face
To never walk again, to lay back and complain
Hell no! No matter what, I’ll keep going

My body is used to pain, hurt it will
Sometimes, more… sometimes … not as much
I’m going to make myself get up and go

I wonder if I’m getting old, you know
Because I move like the walking dead
Tottering this way, that

I moan, groan, and even growl
The pain forces such sounds from me
I wonder am… I’m getting old?


A Message From Precious Camo/Camie’s Mommy…

A Message From Precious Camo/Camie’s Mommy…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Precious Camo/Camie’s Mommy… Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A message from Precious Camo’s /Camie’s Mommy… Thank-you to the person who donated funds to Louisburg Veterinary Clinic for Camie’s medical care. My Heart is so touched… and I sit here in amazement. I’m so grateful.
Not long ago, the girl at Louisburg Veterinary Clinic called. She was almost in tears… and by the time she told me what had happened, I was full of emotion.
She said someone overseas had called, donated anonymously some funds to help …defray the cost of Camie’s treatments that are ahead of her. I stood there wanting to cry out of happiness.
Thank-you from my very Heart. The girl at the vet’s office was so amazed. She said she was so touched by someone doing this. She wanted to call me to tell me as soon as possible.
I am sitting here with such emotion inside. I’m so grateful. It’s so difficult to believe how so many people have so much love for this little puppy. She means the world to me… and to Skip. Thank-you from my very Heart. Love, Camie’s Mommy

Precious Camo/Camie Is A Very Sick Puppy… (Tuesday PM Update… Day 13)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Precious Camo/Camie Is A Very Sick Puppy… (Tuesday PM Update… Day 13)

Precious Camo/Camie Is A Very Sick Puppy… (Tuesday Pm… Day 13)
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Status Update… Camo is resting comfortably… she had a big day at the animal hospital… lots of medicine, a special medicinal bath, injections; loving care.  Thank-you to Louisburg Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Fontenot and Staff…… I’m so glad we found you.  The photo above is of Camie tonight… she’s such a sick little puppy…..
Precious Camo/Camie went to the animal hospital today (photos below… beautiful house that’s purple).Camie’s 1st visit to vet … Dr. Fontenot. What a nice place to take one’s babies. He kept Camie most all day to do the things he needed to.

Camie weighs 35 lbs. She is approximately 7 months old. She has a fever of 103.6, and is very sick.Camie is very sick; the doctor stated that it’ll take several months to get her well. We love her, whatever it takes we will try to get it done. We will take one visit at a time.

She is scheduled for an injection every Tuesday morning at 10:30 am for 4-8 weeks.

Camie can’t get her surgery to be spayed at least for a month. She’s too sick…

Camie has 3 bottles of medicine, and special medicated shampoo for her skin. I will bathe her once a week in the shampoo. The medicines she’ll take every day.

She has demodectic mange; plus her little body got in worse condition by laying out on a cold, wet ground dying. When I rescued her, she had maggots falling off her.

Below are photos of her medicines, shampoo. Also, just the procedures done today… she has many more visits ahead to get her well.

We are thankful to the vet for caring for her today. They are very good there. You can see his name, website in the photos… I think you would be very happy to carry your pets to him.

We met a gentleman in there, while waiting to pick up Camie…. he rescues a lot of cats, dogs. He’s been going to Dr. Fontenot for a long time…. the man told us how good he is… compassionate. We are thankful to have him for Camie’s vet. His staff is very nice, also.

Dr. Fontenot comes out to talk, explain all. He takes time to do that… it meant a lot to us. Thank-you.

Okay…. you won’t believe what breed she is! Mezza, you were half-right. :))) I was so amazed…… I have rescued a little………………………
Australian Shepherd puppy.

Dr. Fontenot said it will take at least 2 months to see her hair grow back, and see what she really looks like. :))) What a surprise to come! I’m amazed…. and I’m very excited to see how beautiful she’s going to be. I knew her hair was ‘two colors’ in places.

Well… we all will see together… Camie blossom into a rose…. a beautiful little rose. Let the journey begin………. I’m so happy you all are here to follow her. Your thoughts, and prayers are working… thank-you from my Heart.

You all mean the world to us. I know prayers work… that’s why I won my battles when very ill. I believe in miracles. The same with Skip. We both are cancer survivors… so, we are miracles.

I can’t wait to be able to put my arms around Camie to just hold her, and not hurt her. I know my Heart will fill with such joy.

For now… once a week when I use her medicinal shampoo… I’ll get to hold her so gently when she’s in her towels. So… every week she will go to her own personal ‘Camie Spa’…. be pampered. You’ll see photos! :)))

Goodnight now. Camie is resting after her big day. Love, Gloria/Granny Gee

She’s Lived Her Hell On Earth…

She’s Lived Her Hell On Earth

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Precious Camo/Camie… Day 13 Update on her Progress…..


This morning Camie was taken to the animal hospital to stay most of today.  She is being treated for being very sick… she has been put on antibiotics, and the doctor will tell us this evening all he had to do.


We thought she’d be spayed, have her surgery this morning.  She isn’t well enough for that.  That will happen in two weeks.  For now… we have to get her little body strong enough, well enough for it.


Can you see in the photos above that she’s wondering what’s happen?  :)))  I took the cozy blanket off the top of her house; and put the door on the house to keep her inside for the ride to the animal hospital… and when she comes home.


I’ll take that door off her house when she gets home…. I would never cage her up in it… she has her own ‘hospital area’ I made for her. 


She can come in, out of her cozy house to get food, water… and I open it ‘big’ for her to go outside when she wants to go.  I open the back door, and stretch the fence to the door.  She has a safe fenced-in yard to go out in.


I wanted to thank ‘Camie’s Angel‘ who helped us to take care of Camie’s visit today.  It means the world to us.  She doesn’t want to be known… I respect that very much.  I’m so grateful from my Heart.  I have to acknowledge such kindness, generosity.  Thank-you.


Thank-you all for your special prayers, special thoughts for her.  She needs all of them; I’m so grateful.  Thank-you.


Well………. soon, it’ll be time to go get her, bring her home!  She’ll go back in two weeks to get her surgery to be spayed.


I wanted to update you all… Camie has many friends who are following her progress at: 




Come follow, watch her progress… I rescued her from certain death… she was laying on the cold, wet ground dying… no one cared at all.  I will update later.  :)))  It’s time to get her in a few minutes!!!


Oh, she’s one of Our Pups now… she’s loved, fed well, cared for by her new family.  No more suffering for her… she’s lived her ‘hell on earth’.



The Dragonfly Tattoo That Wasn’t Meant To Be…


This is the dragonfly picture that ‘found me’… I wrote about it.  It hangs in my bathroom.


The Dragonfly Tattoo That Wasn’t Meant To Be…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Well… today will be the day I go to get my … dragonfly tattoo.  The only way I won’t get it will be because I can’t get there… the shop closes unexpectedly… or the shop/tools aren’t what I expect it to be; or ‘something like that’.  :)))


Two weeks ago … we talked to Jason, the tattoo artist.  He is just opening a new shop.  He said he wanted his shop to be ‘high-end’… and told us about it.


My tattoo won’t look like the one above… I want something more delicate… soft ‘happy-colored’.  If I can’t see ‘just the right picture’… that will be another reason ‘why’ I wouldn’t get it today.  Jason suggested I draw/design my own dragonfly… it isn’t something I ‘felt inside’ I should do…. so, I haven’t.  I don’t draw a lot lately… anyway.


I want to mention a ‘strange’ thing that’s been happening since we first talked to Jason, the tattoo artist.  My right shoulder has begun itching… it never itched before… but, has ever since.


I’ve been careful not to scratch, or break the skin… so, I rub it.  It’s strange… ‘why has it been itching since I’m close to having my tattoo done’?


I want the delicate little dragonfly that I keep imagining …. to be placed on my right shoulder.  I want it to look like it ‘just stopped there for a moment’.


Then… underneath it will be….. ‘In Memory Of My Son, Tommy’.  A delicate, little ‘happy-colored’ dragonfly in memory of my only child who died May 29, 2010….






We went to the tattoo shop … to get the tattoo.  The guy named Jason took people in front of me; put a stack of new books in my hands, told me to pick out a dragonfly.

Skip and I felt bad, when he did that to me.  It was like he’d forgotten I was there; we had already talked to him a week before.


I stood there with the books… as I looked, I ‘knew’ I could never let him put the special tattoo of the dragonfly on me.  Hard feelings… I felt hard feelings toward him.


It was wrong of him to take the two women who arrived after I did… we sat 30 minutes waiting for his shop to open.  The reason he did that was because one of the women was about his age, cute.  I could hear them talking as I stood there with the books; he was just broken up with someone…. that said it all.  They were flirting with each other, laughing and talking.


I walked over, handed him the books, told him I was leaving.  He asked did I want a consultation…. I looked at him, told him I didn’t want him to do the tattoo.  We left.  He had forgotten we already talked to him.


I left thinking about all the new books of tattoos; I didn’t see a book of tattoos he’d done… I had looked forward to seeing his work.  If he does other people like he did me… his business will fail before it starts.  We liked him… now, we are very disappointed in him.


Daydream In A Dewdrop…

I Saw Myself In A Daydream...

I Saw Myself In A Daydream…

Just A Doodle By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee…January 2013…gBB


Daydream In A Dewdrop

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I looked into the dewdrop my mind entered

To walk around in the clear view I could see

From outside, as I held the flower it was on

I was curious as to what I would see in there

When I looked into the dewdrop, I had no clue

I didn’t see anything to draw me in

Soft laughter was coming from my right

I turned my mind, I wondered who it could be

What was making such a happy sound

My mind wandered to the pretty, green trees

I followed a path lined with exotic flowers of all kinds

The laughter sounded nearer, I couldn’t wait to see

Soon, I could see the sun reflecting on water ahead

I saw rocks sitting in a stream, water rushing around them

Caressing, shaping them through time

I turned my mind to the right, I heard a little squeal

Of delight, happiness, pure joy

I wondered what it could be to cause such a happy sound

My mind went closer, saw a pretty girl sitting on a rock

She dangled her feet into the water, as she did

Water rushed by, splashing onto her dress, her face

She didn’t seem to mind, she sat there with her eyes closed

How peaceful she seemed as she sat there

Her pretty face held a contented smile

My mind looked closer at her, she seemed so familiar

As she opened her eyes to look at this mind of mine

We connected… it was myself sitting there in a daydream!

Just Walk All Over me, I Don’t Mind As Long As You Are Sweet About It!

Printed Books of my Stories, Doodle 026

‘Just A Doodle For You’ by Granny Gee/aka Gloria Faye Brown Bates


Just Walk All Over Me, I Don’t Mind As Long As You Are Sweet About It!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Today, we went to Sam’s Club to buy cheese, milk, salad makings, and chews for our Pups. I love to go to Sam’s Club, Skip loves to go to Sam’s Club.

We love the idea of seeing things you don’t see always in a regular grocery store. Everything is ‘good quality’ at a reasonable price.

Skip checked out the tires in the garage there. Soon, he is going to need to replace tires on his pickup truck. Later, we went by Walmart to compare… seems Skip is going to be buying them from … Walmart. :))) I didn’t think to ask him why he decided there.

I noticed the prices on some things have been steadily going up… for example, we buy sliced American cheese for sandwich making. Over the months, I know there has been a rise in price on this particular cheese of several dollars. That’s scary…

I think about young families who have several little children to feed. I worry for them, I worry about the price of gas, groceries, utilities, and rent, everything going up… everything going up but, their pay checks.

I am always thinking about young families… they are making car payments, furniture payments along with all I’ve named. How in the world do they do it?

We stopped at the tasting booths all along our walk in Sam’s Club. I like to do this … I always hope there’s something I will taste to know that ‘I have to have it’… and can’t leave Sam’s Club without it. I didn’t find any such thing today.

I do know this… there are a lot of rude people. Strangely enough there was this huge foreign guy there…. ‘everywhere I was … somehow, he’d be in the same area. You know what I mean …it’s like maybe God puts an obstacle in my path to see what I will do.

Today, I did good… I didn’t get upset at this big man. I did stop to look at him… good. I didn’t say a word to him. I don’t usually, unless it’s ‘just too much.’

He, with his big self, somehow kept getting in my way. He made me bump into him several times… it seemed he would just place himself in my path deliberately. I don’t think that was the case because, I wasn’t the only one.

I saw this huge man walk almost over a family ‘like they weren’t there.’ He would smile a kind smile, mumble something that sounded like an apology… and ‘kindly’ do it again. I think that’s ‘why’ I didn’t stop him, say something to him.

He ‘was just too kind’ when he kept getting in my way… he smiled the kindest smile, so sweet. How could I hurt his feelings…. maybe he had a people problem, one that caused him to have to ‘walk on people.’

I just pictured him in my mind …. six foot or more tall, heavy weight, black hair, black eyes, tanned skin… big hips for a man…. and the sweetest, kindest eyes… and smile. He looked like he was from the mid-East. He was dressed in a crisp, white dress shirt with black dress pants, and black patent leather shoes.

I think of the one instance I was walking toward something… it seemed he chose that very moment to walk into my path, to make me collide with him. I didn’t like that at all, but, I found myself smiling at him, when he smiled… mumbled something. Now ‘why’ didn’t I say something to him?

After we paid for our things, we walked straight across from the cash registers to order pizza. I went ahead to get a table while Skip ordered. I sat there, and did one of my favorite things… I began to ‘people watch.’

Oh my, that big man came into the eating area, and stumbled over a mother, and her two little girls who were sitting at a table close by. He began smiling once again, mumbled something that sounded like an apology. The mother … smiled back. I just sat there watching… I wasn’t the only one to smile back when being ‘walked on.’

I’ve thought about this man all evening … I’m sure he didn’t mean to walk on people, and he was apologizing as he went his way. But… really how do I know if he wasn’t doing it on purpose? How do I know he was ‘apologizing?’ He could have been saying anything… he spoke in a different language.

Maybe … he was experimenting with everyone to see their reactions. How do I know? You know how when out in public, you sometimes, see someone who keeps getting your attention like he got mine. I began trying to figure him out, my mind trying to make up stories about his life, him.

He could have been getting huge laughs out of stepping on short people… putting on his face a big, huge, wonderful, sweet smile… and ‘mumbling’ in a sweet voice words that those short people (like me!) couldn’t understand. He may have went home, laughing his …… off at ‘our’ reactions. Maybe he liked to do that, just as I like to ..people watch.

Anyway, he seemed to be the ‘center of focus’ in my mind today, while at Sam’s Club…. I think he was placed in my path to try my patience… something sadly, I don’t have a lot of! Skip is the one who has patience … I’m quicker to lose it… though, I really try not to. I told you, I’m not perfect at all … but, really… I do try to be good.

Today, I know what prevented me from slipping up, losing my temper. It was that big, huge, wonderful, sweet smile … mumbling in a sweet voice I couldn’t understand. It was like … ‘just walk all over me, I don’t mind as long as you are sweet about it!’ :)))

The Bare, Naked Tree Stood…


Doodles by Gloria... Old Photos 026

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

‘Doodles by Gloria’ … Just A Bare, Naked Tree … gBB/2013


The Bare, Naked Tree Stood…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Out in the meadow stands a big, graceful tree

For now, she stands naked without her lush, green leaves

All bare limbs, stretching to the sky

Raindrops lingering on the branches

Glistening like diamonds on a fancy lady

She’s still beautiful, this bare… naked tree

One can see ‘her’, even without her leaves

She stands strong, she’s survived

The storms of years gone by

Come a little closer you will see

Into each shiny raindrop

You’ll see memories through her time

Memories that are clear as a crystal ball

Look at the bark on her body

See the scars carved in through time

Scars of grief, pain, abuse from long ago

Stand back … feel deep inside

How she stands there, smiling up at the sky

The big, graceful tree focuses only on the sky

She doesn’t look down to see the scars

Left on her body of years gone by

She is waiting… waiting for rain

To make her grow, grow more stronger

For her years to come

To make her older, more graceful

As the years go by

To make people feel love, when they see her

See her as a big, graceful tree

Stripped bare of her seasonal garb

When she is again, clothed in her lush, green leaves



I was reading something interesting…. about writing. I just tried it to see what would happen … this is the result.

I was reading ‘to just write what comes to mind, let it flow’… I did just that, not giving any thought to what would come next. The words I read said not to change a thing, just write your words as you thought them…

I do this anyway, I call it ‘getting on a roll’… when words come naturally, when my fingers continue to type as I think… it’s like drawing, painting … my mind ‘knows what to do’… as my fingers, hands follow along… I’m always surprised to ‘see what happens’… sometimes, I look, feel good about the results. I ‘always knows when I’m finished’…

Anyway… this is the result, whether it be good… whether it be bad. :))) Granny Gee/Gloria Faye Brown Bates :)))




Remember What Granny Gee Says … Candle + Flame = HOPE …How Will They Know? and Was That Anger?

Artwork… Just A Doodle For You… by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee

‘Remember Granny Gee’s Words:  Candle + Flame = HOPE’….



I would like to give credit to one of my special blogger friends, her blog link is: http://thedrsays.org/ .

She left a comment that prompted me to thinking that ‘this is what I want to write about today.’  I hope you will visit her blog, she writes about her illness … her words touch something deep within me… your hearts will be touched, also.

 My Friend’s Words:

 1st comment by her…  in your email you said we had more in common than i knew and after reading

this i am in awe of just how much we have had in common. at the ver least you

have learned how important it is to tell your story so future generations can

know you.

‘How Will They Know’ came to my mind, when I read this…

2nd comment by her…’I wore combat boots and jumped out of planes! we have experienced so much more

than the average person and it has been a blessing upon us. now we may have to

accept there are changes we weren’t expecting. as long as you are alive there is

hope! never stop dreaming or imagining it could happen. who knows what this New

Year brings?’

‘Hope’ … came to my mind, when I read this … I saw the candle in my mind… brightly burning.


Remember What Granny Gee Says… Candle + Flame = HOPE

How Will They Know?  …and Was That Anger?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


‘HOPE’……     I read the words above, written by my friend.  The question ‘how will they know’, and the meaning of the word ‘hope’ came to my mind.

‘Hope’… that word has so much meaning to me.  At one time in my life I could have just succumbed to my life-threatening illness… ‘let go’ … I had already given up hope.  I ‘knew’ I was going to die, no ‘if’s and buts’…. it was just … a matter of time.  When?

Remember when I wrote about being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma?  My words can in no way describe the hell I lived in for 3 years (strange enough …. the number ‘3’ is so, significant in my life).

The horrible, painful tests… the chemotherapy treatments… losing my hair from the effects of the chemo medicines (this happened twice), how sick I was, how when ‘friends, family’ saw me… they turned their backs on me,the needles, the horrible surgeries that left me in pain for the rest of my life, learning to hold things in my hands again, to walk without help… I can go … on and on, I won’t.

You get the ‘picture’…. but, you don’t ‘know’… you just don’t know… unless you’ve walked ‘in my shoes.’  In others’ shoes who have been there…..

Just one ‘little thing’ such as when Skip would take me with him to get me out of the house… to the supermarket.  I would walk so slowly, my body full of pain, drugs… we would see ‘our friends’ see us… turn their backs, walk quickly out of sight to another aisle.   They could always say ‘oh!  I didn’t see you!’

My ‘family, friends’ didn’t want to see me…  I was ‘a goner’, they were afraid of me.  Just think how such affects a very sick person… I cried during those 3 years just as I’ve cried for my son’s death… only it’s worst with my son… I lost my child, my only child.

I don’t know if one can ever truly put 3 years of trying to recover from such an illness … into mere words.  You could never know, see the pain, grief of knowing you were going to die, how many times you cried, mourned ‘your own death.’

Combine all the ‘little things’ I wrote in the above paragraghs … it still doesn’t touch ‘how to describe.’  Skip was the only person, our Pups… who gave me reason to live… and when Tommy found out.  Skip gave me reason to live… when Tommy died… he and our Pups.

Not my ‘family, friends’… they contributed to my loss of hope.  ‘I was already …dead.’  You see … I could still ‘see’ through my drugged, foggy mind, with my eyes.  I could ‘feel’ through my drugged body.  I could ‘hear’ with my ears.

Did I just ‘feel anger?’  I think I did, when I remember my nephew hurting me not long ago.  He became ‘full of himself’, he was just beginning college, was popular because he plays golf well… when I complimented him… he began saying ‘remember when you didn’t come to see us?’, and such things … he’ll never know how wrong he was to do that to me.

I’ve always loved them with my very heart.  Skip was very upset to know he could have acted like this… he expected more from him … we always ‘knew’ he’d be somebody… we never knew …. he’d be somebody to hurt me.  That’s ‘who he is’ now… to me.

He doesn’t know ‘anything’… he was too young.  I still ‘see them riding by merrily, waving.. with smiles on their faces’ as I sat there on the steps… my happy smile to see them since I’d almost died, dissolve into tears, crying.

No one cared…….  why didn’t you come to see me?  I’d just gotten out of the hospital, lucky to be there… I was thinking of you all …. why didn’t you come?  You contributed to my loss of… hope.  Had you ‘let go’ of me in your minds… just happened to see me ‘still there’… pretend nothing was wrong as you went merrily your way?  For one of you to grow up to say ‘do you remember when you didn’t come to see us?’

I have just vented something I didn’t know ‘was there’… I thought ‘those feelings’ were gone, I didn’t care anymore.  You just saw … nothing ever goes completely away … when pain has been inflicted upon us … no matter that we fight to forgive so, we can go on.  We don’t forget….  anyway… my life, my story ‘goes on’………

Then, came the time I accepted dying … I had no hope…. my candle was barely burning … I became calm inside …. I won’t go on.

I laid on my bed with no hope, accepted the worst that could happen … I didn’t fight anymore.  I was like a deflated balloon, I had no more air to fill it out anymore …no more air to gently blow on my candle of … hope.

I worried for Tommy, how it would affect him, if it’d make him begin trying to get back to the USA to me… if he knew.  He was in Germany.

I made Skip promise not to tell him, he didn’t for a time… when he did ….Tommy meant to come home to his mama.  Tommy … did.  ‘Neither hell nor high water kept him back.’  He meant to get home across that ocean……

Hope … look at that word.  We all take it for granted… I don’t, I know better.  Hope … is a word that is most special, it creates miracles… puts light into a dark world… it guides one toward life.

Hope … when you think of hope now… remember something Granny Gee wants you ‘to see’ …. in your mind.  When we ‘see a picture in our minds, we always remember.’

‘See this’……  a candle with a bright, burning flame sitting on the table in front of you.  Look at it, watch it…. do you see how brightly it burns?

Imagine that flame begins to lessen… it could go out without some kind of attention.  This could be due to all kinds of things… example:  like when I gave up hope, ‘knew I was going to die.’

The flame almost burned out… until … life was breathed back into the flame!  Imagine … gently blowing on the flame to make it come alive again… hope begins to shine again…  this is the point miracles can, will happen.  They do happen… they did happen to me.

It takes different things, maybe unexpected ways of making the  flame take on ‘life’ again … to shine ‘hope.’  Sometimes, at the moment it may even take ‘mean things’ to make the light/hope shine again….

Remember, I told you that we need ‘mean people sometimes to do good things in this world?’  :))) I don’t mean Skip is mean … I’m just saying!  :)))

For example:  my ‘candle began to shine again, reflecting hope once more in my dark world from ‘mean words!’  Skip said those words to me, knowing if he could ‘reach my fighting spirit (we all know I have a ‘helluva fighting spirit!)’……. that I’d begin fighting to come back… not die… live!

Reach my fighting spirit, he did!  At that instant when he spoke to it, I ‘knew I wasn’t going anywhere!’  He ‘made that flame burn very bright.’  He touched my emotions with his words, he meant for me not to die… he gave me my Hope again.

I meant to live, I meant to live… live, I did!  I meant it …. I put ‘my foot down, held my ground.’  Like Tommy, neither ‘hell nor high water kept me down.’

So, through time… when my candle seems to burn dimly … I look at it in my mind … I gently begin blowing on it ever so gently, so as … to bring it back alive again.  Miracles, good things begin to happen.

I’m not saying I’m so positive, so cheerful, life is perfect all the time for me…. not!  Remember how I told you that I’m not perfect at all … how I tried once to be … failed miserably?  Well, I’m … still not perfect.

Guess what?  I’m an imperfect Granny Gee/Gloria… so, never think of me as ‘she’s perfect, she has everything, life is just as she wants it, and all that good stuff.’  It’s not true… our life everyday is a struggle just as a lot of other people we know.

But… that’s okay.  I don’t think any of us were meant to be perfect … or how else do we learn to feel emotions that are important … if we didn’t, then… I’m sure everyone would be dead.

Why?  Because… no one would learn from mistakes to know what’s important such as … love, caring, feeling for one another.

I reach the point from time to time since then… I almost give up hope.  Until something Skip says (he knows ‘exactly how to push my buttons’)…. brings my ‘fighting spirit’ back out.  Once that appears … we are going to have a ‘helluva fight!’  I’m going to … win.  :)))

Oh, I just want you to know … I know ‘how to push Skip’s buttons’, too!  :)))  I can’t let you all think that ‘he is the only one!’  :)))  I’ve made him ‘fight, too.’  Skip has almost died several times … I know my words … made a difference, too.

Hope … that one little beautiful word … imagine the flame on a candle … that’s ‘Hope’.  Don’t let it ever go out.  Even if you aren’t perfect, and even give up sometimes like I do (we just aren’t perfect at all!)…… always come back … to the candle in your mind…. what does it do?

It burns with a bright flame … Hope.  If the flame is dim… just breathe on it gently… bring Hope back into your life, your heart.  Sometimes, the simplest things… are … so hard to do.  I know with my imperfect self.

‘HOW WILL THEY KNOW?’  This question came to my mind when I read my friend’s words…  ‘at the ver least you

have learned how important it is to tell your story so future generations can

know you.’

This is how they will know.  They will know through my words, my photos, my ‘pictures I paint with my words’, just as my artwork I paint, draw, create with my ‘Granny Gee/Gloria’ hands.

‘Candle… Flame =  HOPE    

Granny Gee’s instructions for never losing HOPE are:   If the flame appears to lessen, burn dimly in your life … no matter what the circumstances are … begin breathing gently on the flame to make it light up the dark world around you.

If you do that… you will begin to see other candles … your flame, your life will join others in never giving up, to always have HOPE.

Remember Granny Gee’s words if you ever find yourself crying, sad, in whatever circumstances life throws at you.

Remember … HOPE.   Just think of a candle sitting alone on a table… gently blow on it.  Watch in your mind… as your world begins to … brighten.  Look around in that ‘darkness’… see other flames yours will join …. making light/Hope shine for …everyone.

These are my words, my thoughts this morning.  I hope I created ‘artwork’ in your minds with my ‘word painting.’  :)))  I don’t apologize for the little vent of anger in my today’s story … it is real life, it really hurt me.  This is my story, and as that song goes…. ‘I’m sticking to it.’  Real life is like this….

See… I told you that I wasn’t … perfect.  I need to write that 500 times…..

Granny Gee isn’t perfect.

Granny Gee isn’t perfect.

Granny Gee isn’t perfect.

Granny Gee isn’t perfect.

Granny Gee isn’t perfect.

I’m … still … not … perfect.  This doesn’t help at all.  :)))  But, I’m still a ‘good Granny Gee/Gloria.’  I know I’m ‘mean, sometimes.’

Don’t be mean, Granny Gee.

Don’t be mean, Granny Gee.

Don’t be mean, Granny Gee.

Don’t be mean, Granny Gee.

Don’t be mean, Granny Gee.

I’m … still … mean, sometimes.  This doesn’t help at all.  :))) But, I’m still a ‘good Granny Gee/Gloria.’

Remember I told you …. that we need … mean people in the world … sometimes?   I’m just saying…………………….  :)))