Damn Truck Driver!

Damn Truck Driver!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



This is photo of me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates, when I drove truck with Skip.  My turn to drive!



Many miles away from home

Broke down on a big truck

Waiting for parts to come … sometimes, taking days

Sitting in a big truck at a shop

Snow, ice covering the ground

Trying to stay warm … wishing to be home

No one knows all a trucker goes through

Nor do they care as long as they get all

They want … need … never give out

No one cares about a trucker who risks his life

To get loads delivered on time

They are mentally abused where they go

People who work in offices talk down to them

Treat them less than

Not caring what the trucker went through … to get there

Not caring if the trucker has been up all night

Driving through the rain, snow, wind, ice

Avoiding road hazards at every turn

Not caring that the trucker has been verbally abused

All the way, when they stop at truck stops

Because someone’s had a bad day

People who hate their jobs treat truckers badly

When they arrive on time, making them wait

While people they work for … treat them badly on the other end

What’s a trucker to do when he/she is abused at every turn

They go quietly their way, trying to get back home safely

Where they hope to find rest, peace, happiness for a short time

Then … they do it all over again to get your luxuries to the stores

Making sure you don’t go without

Your pretty clothes, perfumes, foods and toys

You never think what a trucker goes through

As you wear your clothes, eat your food, play with your toys

Walking around smelling of perfume

A trucker has to go through so much

Just to stop to eat a meal, take a shower, rest

Sometimes, he can’t get either for many hours

While you sit in your homes

All warm, cozy … safe and sound

Do you hear the trucks going by late in the night?

Do you think of what truckers suffer

To get everything you see as you look around in your life

From your nice bed, your easy chair … tv?

You become angry when a trucker is late

Or if he gets in a wreck, dies … all because you don’t get

Your material things … never giving a thought to his life

Never giving thought to his family, what they go through

Your mind never goes past your comfort needs

And what you want … when you want it

Damn the trucker for dying … for not getting the load there

Damn that trucker … you needed hairspray, make-up

To make yourself pretty … you don’t care if he died

You don’t give a damn … all you want is what you feel you need

Never giving thought to what a trucker goes through

Making it hard for them wherever they go

Won’t even back-up to let a truck go through

Blowing your damn horn because … he inconvenienced you

Damn truck driver … taking up the road

Only special people know what they suffer

People who have walked the walk … talked the talk

Experienced the abuse, perils of the road

No way a soft person could understand past their needs

Just get all my comfort needs … I’ll be satisfied

I don’t give a damn about … a damn truck driver!

Damn truck driver … you know they are no good

They have such a bad reputation for all the things they do

Why they piss in bottles, throw them out

They womanize … play games in the truckstops

They look down into cars to see women’s legs

We know they are no good … damn truck driver

No one thinks about bad apples in everything

Messes up all for good truckers who take pride in all they do

It’s like judging a book by its cover … never seeing any farther

Because … like a mother-in-law … we know they’re no good

Just a label dooms one … doesn’t matter how good they are

Truck drivers … we know they’re no good … damn truck driver!



Note by this Author:

I have walked the walk … on the Trucker‘s path.  I watched, listened, studied how people treat truckers.  It’s a damn shame what a trucker goes through … from the company he works for to the company he delivers to … picks up loads from.

I drove with Skip, my husband … for 3 years.  I can’t tell you all the things I witnessed.  You wouldn’t want to be subjected to such things as a … damn truck driver goes through! You’d raise Hell with your soft, spoiled self.

The employees take out their bad days on truckers by deliberately making them wait hours longer than their appointment times.

When the trucker does get backed into a dock, the people unloading the truck will deliberately take their time by taking breaks … never seeing the trucker as anything more than a robot with no feelings.

I say … damn the people whom I see, know … do such things to a … damn truck driver.  They … like people in a church … get on power trips and play their games … making people suffer.

Like a church … it’s not the church who does those things … it’s the people in it … the bad apples who do things they shouldn’t.  Nobody knows … why?  Because the trucker is so tired, all he wants to do is find a parking place that is hard to find … go to sleep, rest.

He takes the abuse knowing he/she would look bad … be the loser if all came to light.  It’s not … damn the truck driver … it’s damn those people who make their life … pure Hell.

Not all people are like that … when a truck driver meets up with a person with kind words, voice … it means the world to them … like putting soothing salve on a wound.

In my opinion … my way of thinking … when you go out of your way to play your games … power games making you think you are so important thinking no one knows … know this … someone is always watching, listening without you being aware of it.

Oh … and damn you for being ugly … you will reap what you sow!  The quicker, the better so you know how it feels.  An eye for an eye … a tooth for a tooth … yes, I believe if you can dish out unkindness, ugliness from your soul … you should get it back … tenfold.

This is strictly my … Gloria Opinion.  If you don’t like it … go be kind!  Damn you if you don’t … that’s right, damn you if you don’t.  I hold my ground … here.

Photos/true poem written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  Oh, so is my ‘Gloria Opinion’ … I stand behind every word.

3 thoughts on “Damn Truck Driver!

  1. I used to be a drivers mate on 20/30 ton trucks and we were treated like robots, expected to drive through the night, do our deliveries on time regardless of the road conditions and expected to do statutory overtime four nights a week! 😦

    By the time we were headed home the roads were packed and accidents were no excuse for being late back at the warehouse! 😦

    The worst part is that if we were injured at work we got no sick pay, we were just ‘let go’ and they’d get somebody else!!! 😦

    I was sixteen when I got hurt, so I got my wage and gave it to my mother as usual and blacked out trying to put my typewriter away, so my dad tried to kill me for ‘ignoring him’.

    Mum stopped him, but I was left with a torn throat and bruises on my neck from his fingers.

    The staff at work were wonderful and I got an extra week’s work doing nothing more than holding a clipboard, but dad’s greed knew no limits… 😦

    Love and hugs!


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