My Blog Was Showcased At… I Love My Readers … Followers!

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee…Doodling For  You!




My Blog Was Showcased At…  I Love My Readers…Followers!


January 01, 2013 …  Tuesday

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Just a short time ago, I was surprised to see that my blog was showcased at…… by Theresa Wiza.  


Theresa, thank you.  I feel so honored that you did that.  It was a wonderful surprise for the first day of the new year!  So unexpected, so fun!  So… it made tears in my eyes…  who wouldn’t want someone to do that?  I called Skip to come ‘look!’  I felt ‘special!’  :)))


I wanted everyone to know so, they could go by her website, visit, maybe even follow her.  She writes about all kinds of things.  I’m looking forward to reading … I just began following her this morning.


Here’s to a Happy New Year everyone… we all have made into another year… 2013.  I look forward to you all… I appreciate all of you who have read me, followed me this past year, talked to me by comments, emails, mail.  I have been writing my blog now for 1 year, 1 month.  


I have met a lot of you during this past year of 2012, you’ve all become ‘somebody’ to me.  I feel I know you, I sure know so many new names!


I’m looking forward to writing in this new year ahead!  I have so much to say… as long as I have feelings, thoughts, imagination … as long as there is a ‘Granny Gee’… I will have something to write about.


I will never forget my son, Tommy, nor my grandchildren…. Taban, McKenzie.  Here’s to remembering them, Pa Skip, The Pups, and Granny Gee!  


I’ll toast to that with a big…… Pepsi Cola on ice!  :))) You can drink whatever you want to toast!  :)))  You could comment and tell me what you drank… to toast with!  


Happy first day of 2013…  Love, Granny Gee/Gloria


14 thoughts on “My Blog Was Showcased At… I Love My Readers … Followers!

  1. Wow … congratulations – love the strong colors in it – that’s so you.
    And I wish … you a great year … with colors, laughter and joy, but I know there will be sorrow and pain too, but we can deal with them as they come along. So looking forward with a new year with you. *smile

  2. I made a reply, but my internet connection had been slowed down so I had to restart my modem.

    I’m toasting you with a hot cup of tea at 6.33am here in Merrie Aulde England! 🙂

    Love and hugs always!


    • I love those words! ‘Merrie Aulde England!’ :))) Why do we sometimes, look at words such as this, they delight us, make us smile with happiness… and don’t even know why!!!? I ‘just looked at myself’, I’m still smiling.

      Prenin, I’ve heard that here in the USA, that we really don’t know what good tea taste like… that it taste better there because… you guys really know how to make it!

      Skip and I love tea… iced tea, occasionally a hot cup of tea. I wonder how you prepare yours, Prenin. I hope you don’t mind me asking. :))) I would like to know the ‘good way!’ :)))

      Love, Gloria

      • Hi hun! 🙂

        I use just boiled water – I wait for it to stop bubbling – and then pour it over the teabag in the cup, stir and then remove the bag BEFORE adding the milk.

        If you use a teapot then you add the water to the pot and stir before putting milk in the cup FIRST and then pouring the tea on top.

        If you take sugar then that is added last. 🙂

        I also like fruit tea, green tea and ginger, or green tea and ginseng if I have to get some sleep!!! 🙂

        There’s a lot of caffeine in tea so it’s best to avoid drinking tea after 9pm and it’s also a diuretic so be warned!!! 🙂

        Love and hugs!


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