I Am The Darkness … the Killing Kind

I Am The Darkness … the Killing Kind

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter



Something is in the darkness … Photo owned/of me by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.




He didn’t know I was there, much less the girl he was choking to death.  She was past screaming.  I could hear her struggling to breathe … then …

A loud gasp and a ‘what the f__k’! came from his mouth.  He fell to the ground as his hands went to his head.  He began to stand up, growling like an animal.  His hands were clenched as if he wanted to choke … he didn’t see anything!

I stood just out of reach, smiled.  He still didn’t know I was there.  Why should he?  It wouldn’t matter either way … he was a dead man.  I enjoyed playing with him.  I didn’t think he was having fun.

He turned around in circles hoping to see what had hit him over the back of his head.  Nothing … nothing was there.  He looked to where the young girl lay still.  I didn’t think he had killed her … hoping she was playing dead.

I had unfinished business … and it was because of her.  I was killing the rapist son of b____ who dared to prey on a woman, child, animal on my watch.

The bastard felt the back of his head.  I hadn’t really hurt him … yet.  He looked down at his hand in the night light … no blood.  He looked back to the young girl, began to unzip his pants.  He pulled his d___ out … he was going to finish what he had started.  He was going to get him some of that young stuff.

He kicked her legs apart.  He could see her panties.  Her skirt was very short.  He knelt down, placed his hands on her crotch.  He pulled at her panties, wiggled them down to her ankles, pulled them off, let them fall to the ground.

I watched with a cold smile … he was going to have more than an orgasm when I got through with him.  In fact, I was enjoying the wait to the right moment to send him to the other side.

He fumbled to get inside the young girl.  It wasn’t easy, he managed.  I heard the most awful scream come from her throat.  He reached for her neck … he was going to finish the little girl off this time.

He never saw me coming … I stepped out of the dark, held up my hand.  I saw a glint come off the metal bar I held in my hand.  As he was choking the life from the little girl, grinding his hips on her at the same time … I came down with all my might.

I killed that poor son of b___.  He never moved after that lick.  I pulled him off the little girl.  I wrapped my cloak of black around her, held her close to my chest.

I whispered to her that everything was going to be alright now.  Finally, she stopped crying.  She couldn’t see me, yet she fully trusted me.  She stayed in my arms for some time.

I heard someone calling a little girl’s name.  I heard a woman crying, a man’s voice soothing her, telling her they would find little Susie.  She just got lost, that’s all.  She’ll hear us, come running to us.  Susie!  Susie!  It’s mommy and daddy!  Susie!

Susie became alert, began softly crying.  She wanted her mommy and daddy.  I kissed her gently on her forehead, gave her a gentle push toward the sound of her parent’s voices.  She ran for her life.

I tucked myself back into the blanket of darkness … no one could see, hear me.  I watched as the child ran into her mother’s waiting arms.  I listened as the mother cried her heart out knowing this time, she was lucky to have her little girl back.  She would never let her out of her sight ever again.

I moved easily in the darkness where I was born, raised.  I was the darkness.  I could reach from the shadows anytime when needed.  No one ever saw me coming.

I struck with a vengance whenever I saw someone mistreating an old person, homeless person, innocent animals and children.  When I struck … no one ever came back.  No second chances here.

I am the darkness … the killing kind.




Note by this Author:

This is a fiction short story owned, written by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.  All photos are owned by me, also.

There Was One Person Left in the World … to Remember Granny Gee!

There Was One Person Left in the World … to Remember Granny Gee!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter




A young child saw an old woman sitting on the bench

In the park … she seemed to be in deep thought

Old woman … what are you thinking about, he asked

She turned her wrinkled face to him … focused

Her green eyes began to crinkle into the biggest smile

Lips following by widening to show she had no teeth

The young boy watched in amazement as she laughed

Her shoulders shook … she coughed several times

I was hoping someone like you would come along!

The young boy asked her why was she hoping for such!

He was afraid now … why she might try to eat him

He had read Hansel and Gretel, and the mean woman

The old woman saw fear like a dark cloud

Move across his big, brown eyes to block the light

It immediately left once she began speaking to him

Little boy, go get your mama … I have something important to say

I need to have her here because you are just a child

I have no one left in this old world … I want to give you something

I have waited each day on this bench for a young child

To pay attention to me … to notice an old woman

Everyone has forgotten about … I have something for you

Bring your mama and we’ll talk more with her here

Hurry now, I don’t have much time

I may not be here tomorrow … I need to see your mama now

The little boy turned to look for his mama

Saw her not too far away watching him

He waved for her to come … she came quickly

Mama, the old woman wants to talk to you

She turned to the old woman who seemed to be asleep

Yes, how can I help you she asked the old woman

The old woman opened her green eyes

They lit up with the most beautiful smile

Her lips followed in a toothless grin

I have something for your little boy

There’s no one else in this whole world

For me to leave it to … I’m all alone now

I may not be here tomorrow, I don’t have much time

Take this … don’t say a word, I know what I’m doing

Your little boy took time for me … it meant the world

To have someone notice me before I die

Every day I have sat here hoping … someone would see me

I thought I was invisible … until your young child came along

Oh how wonderful it felt to hear a child’s voice speak to me

I used to have a grandson once … his mama kept him from me

I had a granddaughter too … they are grown now

They never came looking for me as I hoped

That’s okay … I don’t hurt anymore from that pain

Only from the pain in this old body I’ve lived in so long

I am homeless … I am used to being that way

I’ve been for the past five years living on the street

Now … it’s time to give your young boy something

I won’t be able to ever give my grandchildren

May I pretend for a moment your child

Is my grandson … talk to him … give him something from my heart

The mama nodded her head … tears fell from her eyes

The old woman touched her heart … she felt she was going to die

She saw it in the old woman’s green, green eyes

What is your name, child?  My name is Stevie, I’m seven years old

Stevie, with your mama’s permission I want to give you something

Something to make your life, her life … much better

Would you like that? Stevie looked up at his mama

She nodded yes … he looked back at the old woman, smiled

Mama says it’s okay … what can it be?

The old woman took out a shoe box wrapped in plastic

It was taped up securely to keep out the rain

She told the little boy … this is for you and your mama

There’s ten-thousand dollars in it … it’s all I have in this world

What?  Why, didn’t I live in a house if I had so much?

I wanted to have something to be remembered by

I wanted to give it to grandchildren … they didn’t come

You are here, Stevie … for the time-being … you are my grandson

I want you to have this … now, it’s time for you to go

The mama started to object … saw something in the old woman’s eyes

The mama’s lips began to tremble … more tears came to her eyes

This old woman had made their life good … now, she was going to die

Tears came into the old woman’s eyes as she smiled her big smile

You’ve got to go now … tell no one … that’s my gift to you

For caring for me … in my last moments … go now!

As the mama, son walked off they looked back

The old woman seemed to be in deep thought

She was looking at the sunshine … the tears glistened on her face

They kept walking … didn’t look back to hear

The old woman say … I’ve been waiting for you, son

I think it’s time for me to come home now

She reached for his hand with hers … if anyone noticed

They would see an old woman reach out into thin air

Never know she was seeing her son’s hand

As she reached for his hand, the light went out of her eyes

Her hand fell gently to her lap

Head touched her chest … she seemed to be asleep

If anyone noticed her … they didn’t

She sat there another week … not in life but, in death

Someone came to take her body off

To dispose of it … hell, she had no one

She was just one of the homeless they got every day

Never knowing, caring … she used to be someone

Who had a family … had a home … a child … grandchildren

If they had known … they wouldn’t have cared

That’s the way it is … who cares about the homeless?

They went through her pockets only to find

Nothing there … the old woman had just been on time

She looked down upon her old body, smiled a young woman’s smile

She floated around in new-found freedom

Bounced around the clouds like a young child

She’d made possible a good life for a young boy

She’d whispered in his ear her name

He would always remember her as …

Granny Gee … for a few moments he was her … grandson

If one listened closely they would have heard

Happy laughter like wind chimes ringing on the air

There was one person left in the world to … remember Granny Gee!

Photos/Poem owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown/aka Granny Gee

Note by this author:

This is a poem that came to mind as I sat thinking of what to write.  You know how it is when one daydreams … thinks about things in their life.

This is just a reflection of some of those thoughts.  Oh … this Granny Gee doesn’t have ten-thousand dollars!  I wish!  🙂  This is just a poem!

My House Is In Order…

My House Is In Order…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I’ve taken care of everything needed to be done.  I can relax now, because my mind is clear.  It’s time….
I have finally reached a point once again… where I am excited to write on my books.  I have two books I’m presently working on….. ‘The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild’…. and ‘Camie’s Angel‘.  I am beginning a 3rd book to work on in the meantime… a children’s coloring book with my drawings.
Camie’s Angel is the book I want to finish, publish first.  It’s a true story about the little puppy I rescued.  A special friend in another country took interest in her, cared about her… began the account at Camie’s vet, with a large sum of money.  This special friend renamed her from Camo… to Camie.
I’m really ready to write!  I’m excited now!  Tomorrow, I will begin fresh… I have everything ready.  :)))
The Saga of Victoria Fairchild is the fiction story I’m writing.  Victoria Fairchild is my main character.  This is book two… book one was a 62 page introductory to Victoria Fairchild.  This is the scary book I could never find… I want this book to be ‘very scary’, tense.
At the moment… Victoria is in the power of the serial killer she hunted long, hard for.  How will she get away from him… does she want to get away from him… he’s very handsome, always wears expensive cologne; he speaks well, not only that… he’s very sophisticated.
He uses up homeless people… discards them like a rumpled up piece of newspaper.  Victoria got away from him once… but, will she get away this time?
Victoria has secret lives… she has a closet for each.  The second closet holds all her ‘homeless possessions’ to use when she goes to the homeless world.  Victoria loves homeless people, animals… woe be into the one who mistreats either… and let Victoria find it out.
Victoria believes in an eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth.  She believes if someone mistreats a helpless, weak person or animal… they should suffer the same fate.
She likes to help dish that medicine out with a soft smile, soft voice.  Victoria is a unique person, with talents unlike the average woman.  Just don’t let her get mad at you… you will … go to hell.  She gives you three chances… she’s very nice all the while.
My coloring book is something I, also, look forward to doing.  It will have my drawings in it… my ‘doodles’ that I think adults, as well as children will enjoy.  You can ‘see into’ my doodles… see what I’m thinking about.  :)))  My coloring book will be… different.
So, now… I will get a good night’s rest, be ready to begin on all tomorrow with excitement in my heart.  I can look around me, see all in place, clean, organized… that makes me happy.
There’s no way I could have enjoyed doing this until…  my house was in order.


I Don’t Know How To Be Homeless…




Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I Don’t Know How To Be Homeless…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I opened my eyes, they are even with the ground
At this position I can see every grain of white sand
I’m glad it’s white sand, not dirty

I want to close my eyes, go back to sleep
My body, mind are so tired… tired to the bone
I know I have to get up, so no one will see

So no one will see me, sleeping here on the ground
They might report me, I be made to leave
I’m afraid to go into the homeless world

I don’t know them, they don’t know me
I don’t know the rules upon entering such a world
I’ve just entered the homeless world, I don’t have a home

Every minute, every second I have to look around me
To see what to do next, decisions made in a split second
With the barest of thoughts

What do I do now, where do I go
Is there any one who will befriend me, care what happens to me?
Dare I ask for help, God… what do I do?

I sit on the bench vacated by a homeless man
He left the newspaper that covered his body while he slept
I sat on it, hoping to feel warmth from it

I sat straight, wanting to appear normal
I still knew how to do that; I still have pride
I don’t want to be homeless… I don’t know how to be

I’ve got to pee… oh, where do I go?
I want to brush my teeth; wash my body
I don’t have a toothbrush, I don’t have clothes

Where do I find a bathroom, shower?
How do I get a toothbrush, find clean clothes
I don’t smell bad… not just yet

Please Lord, help me to know the way out of this world
I’ve only been here 24 hours
If I stay here, I’m not going to survive

I sat there, looked around, watched an old woman
As she tottered by in her worn out shoes
Watched her until she went out of sight, pushing her shopping cart

Two bums were arguing close by, my attention was drawn to them
One shoved the other, he fell to the ground
Where I laid just a short while ago

I got up, walked over… I didn’t want them to fight
I asked them to please be all right
“Mind your own business”, the one standing… told me

I thought to myself… I’m not strong enough yet
To enter this world I care about
I’m going to have to become stronger, learn what to do

I thought I could just come here, enter easily
I can’t… there’s more to being homeless than just what I’ve seen
For now… I can’t imagine what is past the knowledge I have

For now, I decide not to sit down anymore
I turn around, begin walking down the sidewalk
Walking to my truck, opening the door, driving away


TRASH… That’s What You Are; Don’t Hurt Me Anymore

TRASH… That’s What You Are;  Don’t Hurt Me Anymore

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(2 photos taken by me… Gloria Faye Brown Bates)

You sit there on your park bench in your tattered clothes, your wrinkled, dry skin.  I don’t want to see your eyes filled with despair; I don’t want to see the pain in your eyes.  You are… disgusting.  You are no more than the piece of newspaper, I see blowing down the sidewalk.

Don’t look at me… don’t you dare look at me!  Inside my chest, my heart turns … away.  You are not touching my heart; I won’t let you.  I stand here at the door of my warehouse … oh, my wonderful warehouse of my most prized possessions.

I remember when it used to be in my little closet.  That’s where I began to collect my most treasured things.  I kept them safely there; and from there… my collection of possessions… grew.

Over time, I became so rich, successful… my collection grew.  I collected things so valuable.  If I even considered taking just one little thing out of my warehouse… and sold it, gave it to you… why, you would be wealthy.  Just one little prized possession could bring you, a homeless person… such happiness.  I’m just not going to do it!

I can’t part with not one possession in my warehouse.  No matter that it sits here, collecting dust, I ‘can’t let go’.  I mean to take it with me to my grave… I don’t want to help anyone.  I want everyone to envy me, wish for what I have… I’m so rich!

I love to look at you sitting over there in your filth, stinking of your enviroment.  Do you know ‘why’?  Because I know I have the power to help you if… I chose to.  If I helped you, how else could I be entertained.

You aren’t real; you aren’t anybody.  You are no more to me than that piece of newspaper blowing in the wind.  Trash… trash… that’s what you are.  No one cares about trash… they only want it… thrown away.

As I look at you, I catch a glimpse of something shiny in my peripheal vision.  I turn to look behind me… oh my, I feel such happiness looking at my huge warehouse… full of my wonderful possessions!  Happiness is what I feel inside… I couldn’t bear to part with even one thing…. the idea of it makes me feel panicky!  No, ‘all this is mine, mine, mine’!

I smile as my eyes caress the object that got my attention.  It’s a jeweled horse; actually the whole carousel sparkles in the ray of sunlight that shines through the opened door.  Just looking at it takes my breath away!

I stand in the doorway of my warehouse, letting you see me savor the wonderful feeling of owning so much.  You sit there in your stench, with your rheumy eyes, stringy hair… you can’t even comb your hair; you don’t own a comb.

My eyes move back to that shiny carousel… just one horse from it could make your pitiful life wonderful… selling just one horse from that carousel would make change your life… you would think a fairy God mother stood in front of your nasty ass… waved her wand with the shiny star on it… was giving you the world!  You aren’t going to get my horse!  I would miss it… mourn for it!  It’s mine, mine, mine!

I look with such pride at my carousel… oh, the most wonderful colors on it.  The detail… look at the perfect hues of pink, blue, aqua, yellow, orange, red, green, purple, lavender… each color separated by gold-colored lines… real gold at that!  All I can see is beauty. It shines, it speaks to me; speaks to my very soul!  You can’t have no better than … that’s to be able to afford the best!

Beauty from so many wonderful colors… from so many jewels on the saddles, and such… on each horse.  Those jewels are… real!  Oh, you have no idea how much each horse is worth!  They are mine… mine… mine!  Just one diamond could make you rich!!!  You’re not getting it… I’m greedy for my ‘good stuff’… I have more, I have better than anyone else… I don’t want to be bothered by… trash!  Blow away, you worthless piece of trash!

I look at the horse closest to where I stand; where the spark of light came from in my peripheal vision.  I can’t see any farther than this… it’s beauty has filled my eyes.  I want to absorb it into my body; into my very soul… it’s so beautiful.  I couldn’t let go of it, if I wanted to.

I look back to you when I can finally make my eyes move away from that piece of beauty.  Damn, what a contrast!  Looking from the horse to you… hurts my eyes, my mind… it insults me!  You are nothing but, trash.  You smell; your clothes are torn, tattered.  I even hear you talking to yourself… you are crazy, too.

It never enters my mind to consider the possibility of helping you… see that trash receptable sitting beside the park bench?  You… are what it’s for… that’s where you need to be thrown… you are trash!  You need to be balled up, thrown away!  I can’t bear to see you!

I stand there, looking at you a little longer… I don’t know why I am wasting my time staring at you.  I don’t know ‘why’ my attention is drawn to you… a homeless person with not even one possession to your name.  You can’t even take a bath, much less find food enough to fill that bony frame of yours.  You are less than a … human!

Rage fills my chest as I look at something so… ‘unbeautiful’.  I only want to see the good things in life… I can’t be distracted by ugly, nasty things.

That’s not what this person’s life is about (me)… my life is meant to accumulate, store my wondrous treasures I find here on this earth, while I am here!

I will take them with me when I die, if I have to have the undertaker… shove them up my ass, somehow!  I can’t leave even… one thing.  It means too much to me!  I want more, I want more!

Did I dare hear you speak to me?  Don’t you know you can’t speak to me; do you know who I am?  You can’t just be speaking to me… you aren’t good enough.  I can’t let anyone see ‘you’ speak to me… to do that, you have to be rich, rich, rich!  You have to be ‘beautiful enough’ to even wipe the dust off my shoes.  I wouldn’t let you for no amount of money… you are trash!  You ‘might wipe off on me’!

Stay away from me!  No, don’t you dare walk over to me; get away!  The wind is blowing trash toward me… don’t let it touch me, touch my life!  Get away!  Get away!

What’s that you have in your hand?  No, I don’t want it!  It’s nasty from being in your hand; there are millions of germs on it.  Don’t contaminate me, you piece of trash!

Eyes?  Clear blue eyes?  Beautiful eyes?  I didn’t mean to look into your eyes… damn!  Damn, damn, damn!!!  I don’t want to see beautiful, clear blue eyes smiling at me from… you are nothing but, trash!  I am turning my head… I feel my heart inside turning away.

I hear the softest voice come from the pile of trash standing in front of me.  Get away from me, you are distracting my attention away from my beautiful life, my wonderful possessions!  I don’t want to hear you!

I stood there, looked away… I’m in deep thought.  I’m going to close my warehouse door now.  I’m going to shut you out on the other side… why you might give me a disease; the wind might blow germs off you, putting them on my wonderful things here in my warehouse!

Get away, you piece of trash!  I am thinking this as I catch a spark of something shiny in my peripheal vision once again… it isn’t coming from inside my warehouse.  It’s coming from… no, it isn’t possible!

I don’t want to look!  What is that emotion I’m feeling inside my chest?  Why… am I feeling something wet on my cheeks!  What is that falling on my hands as I look down at them?  Why do I feel the need to look up… to look back… at you?  You are not worth my attention… you don’t shine like my possessions do!  You are just… trash!  I’m not looking at you!  I look up…

There you are… smiling softly at me.  Oh, the softness in your eyes, such beauty there.  I stand there mesmerized… I don’t mean to look at you; I can’t help it.  You are shining like a star… there’s a glow about you.  I sense goodness, peace from your presence…

You speak again.  What did you say?  My ears have been trained not to hear trash when it’s blowing near…. What?  I’m wanting to hear you!

I can’t see you for the curtain of tears that are filling my eyes.  Why do I feel that feeling… in my heart?  What did you say?  I just can’t hear you… I shouldn’t even try to… who listens to trash?  Trash can’t talk!

I close my eyes, as I do… I feel wetness squeeze from my eyelids.  The wind begins to gently blow, making my cheeks feel coolness from them.  I want to cry….

I feel a strange emotion inside, rusty from never being used since I was a little… poor girl.  Oh my God… I’m feeling… The emotion twists itself in my chest like a sharp knife, making my heart hurt… am I having a heart attack?  What is happening to me?

I open my eyes… the wind has blown the trash away!  Where did you go?  Come back, trash!  I want you to come back!

The emotion in my chest comes to the surface, I begin to weep.  Sobs shook my shoulders… I haven’t cried since I became… rich, since I began buying so many things to make ‘me’ happy.  I never took time to look at anyone else along my way to acquiring my possessions; my wealth.

‘I, me, myself’… only mattered to me.  I never looked back; I never helped anyone along my way; I never listened to anyone who wasn’t good enough to talk to me… a very rich, successful person.  Everything became ‘trash’ to me if it didn’t benefit … ‘me’…

Lord, I am standing here… wishing for that piece of trash to blow back to me.  I want to hear it, I want to talk to it… I want to see something so ugly, nasty… yet, so …

Beautiful.  Who are you?  I saw beauty in you; the glow from you competed with the shine, sparkle of all that is my warehouse!  Your presence made me… feel calm, peace of mind.  Please come back, trash!  Please come back!  I want to put you in my warehouse!  I want you to be my possession, too!

I stand there… I begin to realize something I haven’t thought of for years.  I ‘know who you’ are.  I’ve realize that I have just been given a ‘life’s lesson’… oh my, I am crying… I am ‘feeling real feelings’… how long has it been!

I stand here in shame… How could I have let myself quit feeling for others, let material things become my ‘God’?  How could I have wasted all these years not helping others in life, as I grew richer?

My mind’s eye looks back into my Life Bubbles… my fingers turning this one, that one!  I feel a stab of pain in my heart each time a bubble is plucked, I look inside.  How many people have I hurt?  How could I do that to … something so real?  People… like me, who once hurt!  I am remembering that pain…

The pain of someone looking down on me, seeing only trash blowing in the wind… worthless to them.  No one ‘saw me’…. I became just like them…

God forgive me.  Please forgive me. How far I have strayed off the most important path in life… I’m running as fast as I can … I am getting on it as quickly as possible!  The path of…

Caring, loving, helping … people.  I feel the need to begin helping others; I, now, remember the pain of not having; suffering from the stress of not having money to buy groceries, gas, pay my bills.  I can remember ‘how it felt’.  Shame on me for forgetting… shame on me for thinking, calling another human being…. ‘trash’.  I forgot there were others in this world… my world was ‘me’.

One day I was standing in the doorway of my small, modest house.  I stood there with peace in my mind, a happy heart.  I felt so richly blessed… I didn’t have a lot of possessions any longer.

Where did they go?  The day I saw beauty in something so ugly, filthy, so ‘trash’… my life changed.  That was the day I began to ‘see people’ again… the day I remembered to love, care about someone other than myself.

That was the day… instead of seeing trash standing there in front of me… I caught a glimpse of something ‘shining other than my wonderful, most important possessions’.  The ‘glow’ I witnessed that day lit the path with such brightness… that within a short time, I was back on the path in life I’d strayed from so long ago.

That was the day I began to rid myself of all my earthly possessions, only keep what I needed to have.  I used the money to make the difference in others’ lives… oh, the happiness I felt in my heart as… I saw the happiness in their eyes!

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy luxuries of life, I still do.  My life isn’t focused on only ‘me’… I found the secret to life.  The more ‘I give’… the more ‘I receive’.  The more I love… the more I am loved.

You say I’m loved because of what I can give?  I don’t let anyone know I’m the one giving most of the time… most ‘don’t know’.  I don’t have to go through life ‘tooting my own horn’.  I don’t need ‘brownie points’…

I give with a free heart… no strings attached.  I ‘don’t need something back’.

I give… I let go, never expecting anything in return.  I make sure what ‘I let go’ is…. ‘good’.  If one does that… good comes back.

No matter how ugly someone is, the life they are in… stop, take a look, ‘feel for them’.  Care.  See beauty in something ‘ugly’.  I don’t mean in things that can hurt, harm you, or others.

Look at people who suffer around you… feel for them.  If you have extra, make a difference in their life.  Pass on things you don’t need… sitting there to accumulate doesn’t help anything… even if it’s ‘shoved up your ass’… it’s not going with you; it will stay right here on earth.  The old saying is:  you can’t take it with you.

I saw beauty in what I thought was trash… a living, breathing piece of ‘trash’ that the wind blew here, blew there.  There was a glow about it… it even spoke to me… I didn’t want to hear it because it was easier to ‘not care’… not caring is easier than caring.  One has to give … when they care.  Give from their heart…

The soft voice of that ‘trash’ reached my heart, melted the ice around it… when it softly said to me, “Don’t hurt me anymore… each time you hurt someone, you hurt me; I died for you… look at my hands’…

This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Garden…

This Is Update On Both My Book, and Straw Bale Garden…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Something bad has happened in the homeless world… Victoria’s cousin Lind Lou has arrived, is staying for several weeks.  Victoria went for visit to homeless world… as soon as she steps through the door, she knows something… bad has happened.


She begins walking cautiously to the brick room (that used to be a brick enclosure for trash cans… Chip had it enclosed, made into a ‘safe’ room with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom for Stevie, Caroline).  Victoria never could talk them into leaving the homeless world, let her get them a home, take care of them.  She and Chip did the next best thing… made a safe room for them to live, to escape to… with just a press of a button.


Victoria saw droplets of dried blood on the cement as she walked to the door… she was afraid of what she would find when she pressed the secret button to open the door.  Her dear friends…. her stomach felt butterflies, she felt she couldn’t breathe… something bad has happened, something bad has happened….


‘No!’ her mind screamed.  As she nears the door… she sees Caroline’s cellphone broken into a thousand pieces… on the cement ground.  It was no longer a shiny purple color… dried, rusty-red coagulated blood held many pieces together……..


In her mind… she know something bad has happened to Caroline, and Stevie.  Why didn’t they call her!  Because… they are dead?  She looks down to Caroline’s cellphone… she wonders why Stevie didn’t call on his cellphone……………


The above is an update to book two I am writing about Victoria Fairchild… ‘The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild’… things are about to ‘go to hell’ … again.  Lind Lou is there… the serial murderer has struck close to Victoria… only one of them will walk out of the homeless world… alive.


Book two… is beginning to pop, crackle… the fires of Hell are always burning… Victoria Fairchild will meet up with more than her match… she will have to walk through Hell… to make it out alive… ‘if’ she makes it out at all.



My ‘Straw Bale Garden’ is beginning to take shape… this is day 3.  I’ve planted more seeds in containers I made from clear gallon jugs that held water.  I put holes in the sides, bottom of each… so, they can drain.  We have to buy water, and I hated to keep throwing the nice jugs away… they now, have a second life.


I planted corn (yes, corn!), and sweet basil, sunflowers, cosmos, and pumpkin, watermelon seeds.  I also, planted squash.  Remember… I am planting on a very small scale, so… I’m not doing a labor-intensive garden.  What I do is quite easy.


I will be taking photos all along so, you can see all I’ve done.  Today is ‘Day 3’… some of my friends, followers are going to plant a straw bale garden!  Maybe I’ll get to see photos of theirs.


This is the perfect garden for anyone who has serious health problems… Skip does any lifting, or moving I need done.  The heaviest thing I lift … are the seeds.  :)))


This is the update on both my book, and straw bale garden….



Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…

Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…


Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston… Book Two:

The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild… (being written at present….:)))

This is Victoria Fairchild… and her first cousin, Lind Lou Livingston… who has just come into the story.

Lind Lou is spicing things up… life is just about to get very exciting around Victoria’s house.

Victoria Fairchild… Victoria loves the homeless people, and animals. Woe be unto the one she sees/hears mistreating, abusing either. Victoria believes in an eye for an eye… a nose for a nose. Victoria will go as far as she needs to … to protect the innocent, the helpless… sometimes, she’ll go as far as…

Lind Lou Livingston… Lind Lou is a barber/beautician. She loves to cut hair… she loves the color ‘red’. Sometimes, Lind Lou ‘accidently’ cuts, nicks an ear, chin… Lind Lou never waste anything, not even the hair she cuts…

Lind Lou is also, an artist. She loves to paint the unusual, she uses the unusual to paint with. Her paintings look ‘alive’… sometimes, when looking at one of her paintings, one almost expects it to ‘cry out for help’.

undefinedWhen Victoria Fairchild, and her cousin… Lind Lou Livingston, walk into a room… all eyes are on them. Both are as beautiful as the other, they are as different as night and day. Both can … charm the birds out of a tree.

Lind Lou is ‘dark’… she loves to paint evil, loves to paint pain, suffering. The music she loves to hear while she paints… is live ‘music’, the cries of someone who is helpless in front of her… who ‘poses’ for her paintings. Lind Lou is ‘dark’ as the night she loves to be out in, dark as the shadows she stands in… watching, waiting…

Victoria Fairchild is as good as good can be. She doesn’t like to hurt anyone unless… she catches them abusing a helpless person, animal. Especially if the one she catches … is a woman. Victoria doesn’t like women, especially big, blonde-headed women. She was abused as a child by … women. No, a woman doesn’t want to meet up with… Victoria Fairchild, if they are abusing a child, person… animal.

Victoria Fairchild is as good as can be… when she’s good, she’s good. When Victoria Fairchild is bad… she’s very, very … bad.


I just wanted to share my drawings of Victoria Fairchild, and Lind Lou Livingston…. Book Two: THE SAGA OF VICTORIA FAIRCHILD.

Looks like things are getting ready to happen… :)))


UPDATE On Book Two: The Saga of Victoria Fairchild

Update on Book Two:  The Saga of Victoria Fairchild

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

‘Photo’ of Victoria Fairchild… by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… soon, there will be a ‘photo’ of Lind Lou Livingston, Victoria’s first cousin.

This a little update on ‘Book Two’ … The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild.

It seems Victoria’s first cousin, Lind Lou Livingston… has come into Victoria Fairchild’s life.

Now, Lind Lou is a character that shakes everything up… everywhere she goes.  Victoria doesn’t know everything about Lind Lou… only sometimes, when they were younger… Victoria knew ‘bad things happened’ when Lind Lou was around.

Lind Lou loves to paint, she is a wonderful artist.  Her pictures look ‘alive’…  Lind Lou uses lots of interesting things to paint with.  Her favorite color is … red.  She loves to use all shades of ‘red’.  Yes, Lind Lou’s pictures ‘almost move, speak to one’… almost as if to ‘cry out for help’.

Not only is Lind Lou an artist, she is a barber/beautician by trade.  She loves to ‘knick, cut’ by accident… someone’s ear, chin, neck. “Oh, I’m so sorry!”  Lind Lou will quickly say, while smiling her little evil grin… when she smiles, one needs to beware… but, how can they?  They ‘don’t know an evil grin from a … friendly, sweet grin’.

Nothing gets wasted when Lind Lou is around, not even the hair she cuts…

Lind Lou is tanned, beautiful, with her long black hair straight as a smooth ribbon.  She has brown eyes, and a smile that lights up the room she walks in … one senses something very mysterious about her… indeed it is.

Victoria is fair-skinned, beautiful, with her long, curly blonde hair. She is just as beautiful as her first cousin, Lind Lou.  One would remark when seeing them… ‘they are just as different as night and day, but… they are ‘tit for tat’ in their beauty.

If one had to choose which woman was most beautiful… they couldn’t.  When both walked into a room, the whole room is mesmerized by such ‘double beauty’.

They are first cousins, their mothers were sisters.  Their mothers had unusual talents… they inherited their talents, plus had more.

Victoria helps the homeless people she loves, she is protector of both people, animals.  Victoria will go to any length to protect, sometimes, as good as Victoria is … there are times Victoria has to be very… very bad.  She doesn’t choose to be… but, it happens.

Lind Lou, on the other hand, loves to see people suffer.  She loves to paint them ‘at their worst’, she loves the color ‘red’.  Lind Lou’s beauty hides the ‘real Lind Lou’.

She talks with a soft, beautiful, seductive voice … so easy to lure people in.  Think of a black widow spider… beautiful with a red spot, the black widow spider is as lethal, as it is beautiful.


Above is an ‘update’… filled with hints, clues of what’s happening in Victoria’s life.  It’s beginning to get …very interesting.  Victoria doesn’t know what to expect, in fact… she didn’t know she … had to expect anything!  She’s just glad to see her cousin, Lind Lou.

They haven’t seen each other for years, Victoria has surprises coming her way.  It’ll be interesting to see …

Follow my main character, Victoria Fairchild.  My published ‘Book One’ is a 62 page introductory to her.  Now, it’s time to … shake things up a bit.  If you thought Victoria’s life was interesting, mysterious…. ‘you aint seen nothing yet!’


But, I…..


Granny Gee/Gloria  (1-23-2013)


But, I….

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I was watching on the news this morning about how freezing cold the weather is up north.  I watched a man walk up to a homeless man sitting on the curb of the sidewalk, take his hands in his, and look at all his fingers.


Why?  To be sure they weren’t frostbitten.  A person can freeze to death in that kind of weather.  By now, you know something about me … I care about homeless people, animals.  My eyes can’t bear to look sometimes, because of the pain it causes in my heart.


The reason for the pain is because I can’t do anything to help them… I can’t take them in from the cold.  It’s hard enough to pay rent on our home, buy our groceries, pay our bills, and buy gas… these days.  


Though I close my eyes to their needs, I ‘know’ they are there.  They don’t go anywhere just because I choose not to see them… maybe you choose not to see them, too.


I always ‘knew’ I would be wealthy one day.  ‘One day’ didn’t come yet…  I always knew I would make a difference, a positive difference in people’s lives.  Well, I haven’t done that either.  I wanted to, but…..


But…. it’s always ‘but’….  I’m sitting here like sometimes, I bet you do… thinking of the ‘whys’ I haven’t done this, done that.  I always seem to think of reasons ‘why’, then… the word ‘but’….  no matter what answer I have … everything sounds like an excuse.


I wish I were rich …. I would go looking for the people I ‘know are there’… I would be like Victoria Fairchild in my story … I would make happiness come in their hearts, smiles on their faces reflecting that happiness.  


I would stand at a distance to watch, them never knowing I was there, I would cause good things to happen to them…. I would warm myself with their joy, just as we warm ourselves by the fireplace.


I want to do that so badly.  I see, hear people almost everyday when out… I wish so much to help them.  They never know I listen, I wish….


Just today, we were at the Waffle House eating breakfast.  As I sat drinking their good coffee, I listened to the young waitress who waited on us.  


She was telling an older lady waitress about how hard she was working to pay a little money on this bill, on that bill, never getting one totally paid off.  


I understood what she was talking about … the cost of living here is high.  If you don’t have a lot of money, it’s hard to catch up.  We go through it all the time.  


I remember what it’s like to have money, to never worry about paying bills, feeling light-hearted, not worrying.  It’s a good feeling… I know I wish for that back.  I cared about people then, and Skip and I did make good things happen… sometimes, we managed to without the recipient knowing.  


When they knew we were doing something good for them… we didn’t make a big deal of it… we didn’t need them to say ‘thank you’.  We just wanted to see a smile, relief in someone’s eyes, just … some peace of mind.  


Gracious, can you imagine how wonderful it feels to help someone, to make little dreams of theirs… to come true?  It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.  I know, I’ve experienced it many times through the years.  I loved ‘walking in those shoes’…. I absolutely …. loved it.


Even now, not having a lot of ‘extra’… I still do things.  If I have something I hear someone wishing for… and it doesn’t cause us to go without… I will give it to them.  I believe in ‘passing things forward’…. when one person does a kindness to you… turn around… do a kindness to the next ‘fellow.’


I wonder how the world would be if … each person in it, turned toward the next person… said a kind word, did a kind act…. I think it’d be wonderful.  Don’t you know miracles would occur?  Magic would happen.  


I am not kind all the time… I’m not perfect.  Sometimes, I am mean if ‘rubbed the wrong way.’  Just know Granny Gee isn’t a perfect person at all.  


All I have written is what I feel … I have a kind heart… I dislike people who scam, or take advantage.  I recognize them … once I do, my heart hardens. 


I would want to be a defender of helpless people, animals…. fight for the underdog.  If I had the power, the money to do such … I would be a … force to be reckoned with.  I ‘would save my people, animals.’  :)))